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What to do When they Say
You’ll Never Make it


My entire life people have been telling me “you’ll never make it” or “it will never work”, in this post I challenge you to overcome the dream stealers!

Famous People Who Were Doubted

“If she will make up her mind to cast away fear, doubt and self-consciousness, she will find her confidence increasing and the unsure element in her acting will disappear.” – Said about Joan Collins

Shortsighted and dyslexic at a time when it went undiagnosed, he was considered either stupid or lazy. – Said about Richard Branson
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He was a 38 year old man who hadn’t boxed for 10 years. He was 70+ pounds overweight and literally laughed at when he made a comeback to raise money for a youth center just outside of Houston, TX. His first comeback fight in Sacramento drew laughter and boos for how slow and plodding he looked. He just kept on training, losing weight and fighting. He was told it was a waste of time and energy. He was the Heavyweight champion of the word 7 years later. – George Foreman
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Just one month after she started attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts her mother received a letter from the school saying, “Don’t put any more money into this. This girl will never make it.” – Said about Lucille Ball

His older brother Ivor once invited the young fledgling comedian to perform at a party for workers at a steel plant where Ivor was an executive. Ivor said of his little brother, “He’ll never amount to anything.” – His brother was Bob Hope

His band opened for the Monkees once and got booed off of stage. They were consequently dropped from the tour. – Jimi Hendrix

He was kicked out of the Grand Ole Opry in 1954 – they told him to stick to his day job driving trucks. – Elvis

This book was rejected by 38 publishers before it finally got green-lighted. – Gone with the wind

Her own mother mother told her she wasn’t pretty enough to be an actress and she could never become a singer because her voice wasn’t good enough. – Barbara Streisand
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He once overheard his father say to his mother: “Mary, I do not know what will become of Connie. I’m afraid he’ll never amount to anything.” – Conrad Hilton (estimated net worth of $2.5 billion)
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Do you know of other famous people that were told it will never work? Post your comment below!

What if they tell YOU that You’ll Never Make it?

Unfortunately, one thing that “gets” entrepreneurs are dream stealers. I believe the number one stumbling block of budding entrepreneurs is their desire to receive acceptance and approval and their dismay when they don’t find it.

Being told that you’ll never make it can do one of two things to you, it can either crush you and have you crumble like a soft pastry or you can use it to fire you up! Throughout my entire life whether it was in sales, at my last jobs and especially in network marketing, people have told me “you’ll never make it” and it will never work but I used that as ammunition to succeed anyway! The below video will lay out some entrepreneur advice for you for when you DO encounter the dream stealers.

My Entrepreneur Advice to You

See that short list above of people who were doubted? Let me ask you this…what’s so special about you where you shouldn’t be doubted where they were? It’s a right of passage. Every successful person I know was doubted at one point so it’s like, big deal, so what?

“If people aren’t telling you that you’ll never make it, your dreams aren’t big enough”
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Does this fire you up? Share this to help others out there understand that they don’t have to be pushed around by the dream stealers of life. Being told you’ll never make it doesn’t have to cripple anyway. YOU can create success regardless of what others say or think, you can do it.

To Your Abundance!

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