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Wanna Be a Top MLM Leader? Change Your Routine

I recently read a book called the “Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy and it made me realize that although I do a lot of things right, I could be doing a better job and getting more results if I tweaked my routine. Darren does a great job of explaining that all the results in your life (good or bad) have come from your daily routine. So, if you want better results, say, to become a top mlm leader, then lets look at that routine!

My New Routine

So, after reading the book I decided to set my alarm on my phone for 5am every morning and get up and do some of the things that I have not had time for. So my routine is currently:

5am – Wake, write my affirmations, drink glass of water
5:10am – Workout
5:50am – Meditate for 15-20 (depends on the day)
6:15am – Set my clock to read for 30 mins (not the newspaper, motivational or marketing books)
6:45am – Set my top 3 goals and THEN open my emails

Now, I know some of you work full-time and are trying to build your network marketing business opportunity part-time. But, look at what you can get accomplished before 7am if you put your mind to it! Do I want to get up at 5am? Definitely not, but, I know there is a payoff there that makes sense for me and my goals.

“Everything you want in life is just outside your comfort zone”
– Jack Canfield

If you want to lead a better life, make more money, become a top mlm leader, or lose a bunch of weight, you have to be willing to change and make sacrifices. I get all of this done in the morning so that I can concentrate my day on building my business via prospecting, doing 3 way calls or coaching my teammates.

How you can make small changes that will make an impact

If you are part-time building your network marketing business opportunity, think about ways you can maximize the time that you do have. Can you bring your lunch (thereby saving you a lot of money) and make calls to prospects while on your lunch break? Can you get up one hour earlier to send out facebook correspondence? Can you work a few hours more before you go to bed? Don’t try to overdo it at first but here is something I definitely know and you should as well…

Your Time Management Will Dictate the Velocity and Depth of Your Success

Have a crazy schedule? Well, how long do you want to have it? Would you rather make sacrifices the next year and work an even crazier schedule or do you want to keep that crazy schedule that will never give you the freedom you so desire?

Some Simple Ideas to Help

– If you are driving somewhere, use that time to either talk to prospects or if it is too early or late, listen to motivational or marketing audio books.

– Status Quo will keep you where you are. If you usually go out to lunch with the office girls or boys, think about how you could spend that time better. (I didn’t say this would be comfortable!)

– Turn off the damn TV. Your television set is an electonic income reducer that is guaranteed to work 100% of the time. Turn it off and instead prospect, read or talk to your spouse or family (imagine that!)

You will NOT become a top mlm leader without making a change, how bad do you want it?

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