Should Entrepreneurs Consider
Joining Network Marketing Businesses?


Had a great conversation with an entrepreneur yesterday asking about Network Marketing Businesses.

The question is, are network marketing businesses viable for serious entrepreneurs? Today’s video shares some points I shared that you might consider.

There are Lots of Ways to Make Money

I have worked to make money in a lot of different ways:

– Sold airheads in Middle School (my best day I sold 90 airheads)

– Worked my way up to an $80,000 a year salary in IT

– Started a Real Estate Investor Association

– Co-Owned an advertising franchise

– And I currently own a multimillion a year coaching and training business

So why do I like network marketing? Well, there are several advantages of Network Marketing businesses but the truth is there are also some disadvantages.

In the below video I talk about the advantages of network marketing businesses as well as some disadvantages and what to look out for. I also share the number one FINANCIAL reason I believe in Network Marketing businesses and why some entrepreneurs might consider joining a company.

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[VIDEO] Should Entrepreneurs Consider Network Marketing Businesses?

*Warning: I woke up VERY congested, pretty sure it’s allergies, so I sound kinda funny in this video, do your best to not make fun of me saying “bideo” instead of video at the end lol

Hopefully people pay attention to what I talk about in regards to the truth about residual income businesses. Many people get brought into network marketing businesses the wrong way or are told the wrong things.

Was this helpful? Quick question for you, the TWO big reasons I joined Network Marketing was that I loved training and helping others and for the residual income model, IF you are in Network Marketing, why did YOU join? Comment below and would love to hear your answer(s).

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