What MLM is Ray Higdon in?

Wondering What MLM is Ray Higdon in?

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If you would like to know what MLM is Ray Higdon in, this post will share with you the answer.

Ray Higdon MLM Company History

Because Ray trains a LOT of people in different companies a lot of people search for what MLM is Ray Higdon in and wonder the answer, here’s the scoop…

Maybe you found this by searching for Ray Higdon Numis, well, the truth is that Numis Network is no longer an MLM. Ray Higdon started with Numis Network back in July 15th of 2009 and became the number one earner in that company, earning over one million dollars in commissions and his team made up 85% of the entire company.

In August of 2013 Numis Network merged into Worldventures where Jessica and Ray Higdon achieved the rank of Regional Marketing Director and became six figure earners within that company.

Jessica and Ray Higdon decided to sell their position to their upline in February of 2016 to focus on coaching and training the industry as a whole. Many people have speculated as to the reasons why so here are a few facts about that decision:

  1. The reason to leave Worldventures had nothing to do with Worldventures or any Worldventures leaders. Ray and Jessica are still good friends with the leaders in the company, their old team and still view WV as an incredible company.
  2. The sole reason this difficult decision was made was out of congruency. With the demand increasing for Ray and Jessica to speak on different company stages and train other companies, it was no longer congruent to continue actively building a network marketing team.
  3. Ray and Jess still love the network marketing model but choose to focus on helping the profession vs. participate in growing a downline.

You can also check out the actual announcement about our Retirement from Network Marketing

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