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MLM Prospecting: How to use the MLM Prospecting Scorecard

This is the most powerful MLM prospecting webinar I have ever done. I really picked apart what network marketers do wrong when talking to people about their business and how they could correct them. Let me introduce you to the MLM Prospecting Scorecard.

Why people struggle with MLM prospecting

There is a science behind it. It is NOT guesswork. There are certain things that greatly increase your chances of sponsoring someone and also things that can greatly decrease your chances. For the first time ever, I took the time to assign a point system to your actions. This is based on being the #1 income earner in my company, having recruited over 500 people lifetime, coached hundreds of people and having done hundreds of three way calls. If you want to greatly improve your MLM prospecting numbers, watch the video called the prospecting scorecard.

MLM Prospecting is THE most important skill

If you are not prospecting you are probably not making money. If you are not prospecting correctly, you are probably working much harder than you should be. In the prospecting scorecard video I hit you right between the eyes on what it takes to have success in MLM prospecting versus what most people do. This is a video you do NOT want to miss if you are serious about your success!

Video: MLM Prospecting Scorecard

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