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How To Identify and Develop
3 Powerful Leadership Characteristics

If you are in a homebased business, you have to learn to develop your Leadership Characteristics but first you must identify them. I can tell you with absolute certainty that you will never grow a huge team without focusing on developing YOU first. You must develop yourself before you even attempt to develop others. In this blog post I will help you with this process the way that I have, and continue to, develop myself.

Leadership Characteristics of Abundance

This one covers a lot. One of the most powerful Leadership Characteristics you can possess is the attitude of abundance. Having this attitude prevents you from looking at lack and I will tell you, some will be surprised at some of the lack attitudes that you thought may have been good to have!

One lack attitude is one of competition. If you think that you have to be more liked by a founder or leader than someone else to be important, it means that you believe there is a lack and only so much attention, care, love to go around. This does not mean I am saying not to be competitive, no, in a healthy way, competition is awesome, however, some do this out of the belief that one’s success means anothers demise and that is NOT one of the Leadership Characteristics. If you believe in abundance, you can shrug off when others present you their lack attitude.

Leadership Characteristics of Forgiveness

My favorite quote on this subject is by my friend Dr Reverend Michael Beckwith out of the Agape Church in LA. He says “Forgiveness is giving up on the fact that the past could have been any different”. You see, the past made you who you are which is the perfect place to move forward with. The you of today is better than the you of yesterday as you have learned more lessons and they have prepared you to become a more powerful you.

People are going to wrong you. People are going to make bad decisions. You know we blame our parents a lot of times but forget to remember how bad of decisions we made when we were younger. They are no different. Those in your team, those in your family, all did what they did perfectly to make you who you are. The amazing thing is when you clear up your past and learn to forgive, your future opens to a whole new world.


Leadership Characteristics of Love

OK, guys, don’t freak out that I said the “L” word. To become a more powerful person that people want to follow, learn to develop Leadership Characteristics of love. Love the team you have and the people around you. They are not perfect but guess what, neither are you! Don’t be bothered when they ask you a question that you think is obvious. They are just wanting to be more like you and that is a compliment!

Love the process that people are in and remember that you were once there yourself. It has been said that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care, truer words have never been spoken. Focus on developing all of your Leadership Characteristics but if you master the art of loving others, all others Leadership Characteristics will improve at the same time.

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