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3 Tips on How to Get Testimonials

Client Testimonial from David

Thanks David! (Click to Read)

Whether you are just getting started in Network Marketing or a season veteran, it is ALWAYS a good idea to get other people to say good things about you. This blog will teach you how to get testimonials in 3 easy to follow ways.

1. Bribe People to Get Testimonials

This is actually pretty easy. Do a webinar or presentation on something that your target prospect would like to learn, some examples:

– How to get leads from Facebook
– How to get traffic from Pinterest
– How to run a profitable webinar
– Etc

Invite people to attend the webinar or presentation, make sure it is top notch material and then, at the end, ask the attendees if it would be helpful to have a recording of the presentation. If no one is interested in a recording, make sure the content is better next time =), but in most cases people will be interested in getting their hands on the recording. Tell them that you will happily send the recording to anyone who provides you with a testimonial on how great of a trainer you are or how good your information on (whatever topic) is. Be specific with what type of testimonial you want, written or in video should be specified.

Client Testimonial from Eric

Thanks Eric! (Click to Read)

2. Ask Your MLM Upline What it Will Take to Get a Testimonial

Actually, you do not have to limit this to your upline, this really could be anyone you generate some form of compensation to. If you are an affiliate marketer, ask the owner of the product what it will take to get them to do a video testimonial for you. The reason I suggest video is you can take video and make it text or audio. Most people do not ask in this way so they will almost always be open to that idea. For example, anyone who sells 10+ copies of My Sponsoring Secrets product can get a testimonial from me and anyone who reaches the rank of 4 star manager in my company can get me to do a testimonial for them. Ask your upline or the owner of the affiliate product you promote what type of performance would get them to offer you a video testimonial so you can strive to accomplish that goal.

3. Become a Success Story

How to Get Testimonials, Ray and Jessica on Magazine CoverOK, so this is the only one that is not fast and quick but it certainly works. The neat thing about Network Marketing is no matter how selfish you really are, you cannot get to a top position in a company without helping people. You have more than likely heard the phrase, “If you get enough people what they want, you will get what you want” and that is certainly the case when it comes to getting testimonials. If you roll up your sleeves for the people that you bring into your business and really work hard to help them become a success story, they are going to give you testimonials like the two that you saw here in this blog post from some of my teammates.

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