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Friends and Family Members Fall Short on Supporting the New You

When someone decides to really make a go of building a network marketing or home based business, a lot of times, more often than not, we find out closest friends and family members mocking us or at least not supporting us. This is actually natural but many would be marketers let this phenomenon take them out of the game, well, no longer! This post will help you understand why your closest friends and family members have trouble supporting a new you in the homebased business industry.

Why Won’t They Support Me?

The truth is, it has nothing to do with you, it has to do with their history with you. A friend of mine once said that “casualness causes casualty”. What this means is when people are close to you or have seen you in a certain way for a long time, they have a hard time adjusting to a major change. If you have always been an employee for someone and all of a sudden you want to own your own home business, that seems weird and different and it is hard for them to adjust to it. The natural inclination for a close friend or family member is to mark it as “different and weird” and say they are against it.

Keep in mind, people treat you the way you TEACH them to treat you. Once taught, especially over years of time, it is difficult to teach them a new way to treat you. Your spouse, your friends and your family members see you in a certain light, most probably not as a marketer, and when you attempt to change this, they can react in a negative way.

What If You Become Rich?

Some of your family members and close friends will actually have a small fear that you WILL succeed. For people that think that way, this may create a lot of fear in them of them looking bad. Everyone on planet Earth is walking around trying as hard as hell to not look bad and if you, someone close to them, goes out, starts a home business and becomes rich, what will that say about them? What will others say? Well, they perceive that THEIR friends will cajole them and call them an idiot for not jumping in with you and for THAT reason, some of them will really want to discourage you from going down this path and leaving them to know you as another unhappy employee of the crappy system.

Your Entourage Will Greatly Affect Where You Go

Yesterday, today and tomorrow I am a speaker at the Noah St John coaching certification class. Yesterday he talked about how important your “entourage” is. Entourage is just a fancy word for circle of friends. IF you stick with the family members and close friends that don’t understand your new journey and don’t support you, you will have a very hard time having success.

Choose to surround yourself and instill new friends via blog posts, magazines, books, and powerful events. If you become an island and try to do this with no one helping showing you the hows and whats to do of this business, THAT, combined with the non-support of your loved ones, will almost certainly signal your failure in the home based business world. Don’t let that happen. Understand that MOST people that have had success did NOT have a supporting cast of immediate friends and family members but they went out and met new people and made new friends. You can do that too.

Will They Ever Support You?

For some, the answer is no. For others, once you start making a ton of money, they will remind you how much they supported you (while possibly asking you for a loan!). Listen to this very carefully, when it comes to friends and family members, you cannot be addicted to the outcome. If you hinge your success on whether or not they join your mlm or support you, you might as well embrace failure now. DO NOT get depressed or anger if they do not join or support you or you will run the risk of looking like the stereotypical network marketing jerk that only cares about making money from his friends and family. Don’t be a jerk! Instead, inform them of what you are doing and if they join, fine, if they don’t support you, that is simply their loss and you do not have time to dwell on it.


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