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What is my Vision?

what is my vision

Last week I got asked what is my vision, and today, I thought I would share some of what that is with you.

The goal of this post is to unite and locate more people that want to co-create this same vision with me.

Some Things You May or May Not Know About Me

First of all, I proudly serve the network marketing profession. It has created freedom for me and my family and I have no hangups saying I love it. I love the idea of the free market system, the fact that anyone can become as successful as their work ethic and mindset will allow them to become and the concept that you can accomplish more by helping others.

But there are some things I can’t stand about this profession too. Here are just a few:

1. The fact that so many people treat the profession like some cheap scratch off lottery ticket that should defy the laws of the free market.

2. The fact that a large percentage of people OUTSIDE the profession, because of the way they have been treated by people INSIDE the profession, have a bad taste in their mouth about network marketing.

3. The fact that a large percentage of people inside our profession go out and stain the name of network marketing by approaching people in terrible ways and treating them like pieces of meat and bonuses versus human beings.

network marketing lead generationWhat is my Vision?

Like I said, last week, someone asked me what is my vision. This was my answer:

My vision is at some point in my life, that network marketing is revered as the freedom creating income model that it is. My vision is for it to be abnormal for someone to have negative associations with this profession. To create a world where it’s just plain weird to be approached in a crappy way from a network marketer.

To raise the vibration and conversation level of this entire profession is my vision.

To clarify, my vision is NOT for everyone to be in network marketing as, quite frankly, that is unrealistic and there’s plenty of things out there to be passionate about that doesn’t involve network marketing. A higher step of my vision is to help increase the passion on this planet in ALL professions but that’s for another day to chat about 🙂

Every single day I talk to someone that works for someone else that is either underpaid, under-appreciated or unfortunately both. Life doesn’t have to be that way, network marketing should be something that MOST people gravitate toward but they don’t, not because they are turned off by network market-ing, but because they have somehow been turned off by network market-ers.

We can change that.

How are we going to do it?

ray-and-jessica-with-laptop-360x240You are witnessing it. I move forward toward this vision every single day. By posting videos on my youtube channel, posting podcasts, being an actual rep and building my team (versus just being a trainer alone) and running world-class events. My wife and I are taking a stand, doing our best to be examples of what is possible AND working to EDUCATE those inside our profession to act like professionals, invest in themselves and their training and represent this great profession that way it ought to be represented.

Who’s with me? Keep in mind, you have no idea how many families you will impact if you join me in this movement and this mission. You have no idea how many communities you will impact all over the world. What do you think happens when more people, by helping others, start making more money and start feeling more fired up and passionate about their lives?

Everything changes. When more people are transformed into profit producing caring engines via network marketing AND we eliminate all the negative thoughts around the profession, this world WILL be a better place.

Until this vision happens, be the example, join me in this cause and remember you are ALWAYS representing this profession so don’t get defensive the next time someone uneducated about the benefits of this profession bashes it. Don’t talk negative about those in jobs as they may be happy and there is nothing wrong with anyone that chooses a different path in life.

Be the ambassador of this profession, not by talking and convincing but by BEING the example of love, abundance and professionalism that this profession should be represented by. And yes, I will be teaching you how to do this all along the way =)

Thanks for listening, I believe in you and am so very grateful for you and ALL people that will unite with me in this vision.

To Your Abundance!

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