Why I am Not Prospecting Zeek Rewards Reps

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Why I am Not Prospecting Zeek Rewards Reps

zeek rewards

Image outside the Home Office of Zeek Rewards after being shut down

You may have heard that Zeek Rewards has been shut down. The SEC is calling it a $600 million Ponzi Scheme, here’s the CNN article. In this post I will share why I am not “vulturing” on the Zeekler reps and also how to avoid MLM scams.

Marketing I received About Zeek Rewards

Just to clarify, I do not know enough about Zeek Rewards for me to personally say that it is one of the MLM scams (even though the government sure thinks it is). The problem I always had with Zeek was the marketing. When marketing doesn’t pass the smell test, it probably is not a good thing.

I went back through my emails and pulled some of the marketing I have personally received about Zeek Rewards.

1. You don’t ever have to recruit to make money! (This was ALWAYS sent by someone trying to recruit me)

2. All you have to do is post an ad online everyday to make tons of money! (sent to me via email to try to recruit me)

3. This person joined Zeek May 3, 2011. She purchased $500 in bids, then the next month purchased $200 more. So $700 total. She now has $76,258.50. (Honestly folks, does that even make sense?)

Again, this is not a bash of Zeek Rewards, the company, but of their marketing. Who was Zeek trying to attract? In my opinion, all of their marketing was geared at one type of person, someone who wanted to make something for nothing. This is a very attractive marketing message to people that don’t want to actually work, create relationships or provide value. I see some of my fellow marketers targeting fallen Zeek reps which leads me to my main point…

zeek rewards

Why I am Not Prospecting Zeekler Reps

Just recently I posted on how to recruit quality people, the main point being to NOT use hype and nonsense to bring people in. Well, when the entire company was based on marketing to the weak, why would I try to gobble them up?

I encourage you, IF you are a network marketer, not a get rich quick schemer, focus on the traits that you actually want in your team. Traits such as:

– Willingness to use the phone (system seeking phone haters rarely win)

– Willingness to learn how to better communicate with people and build relationships (wouldn’t it make sense that your WORTH in NETWORK marketing is based on the number of quality relationships you create?)

– People that evaluate value and compensation, not just compensation (where’s the value?)

So, IF you are targeting Zeek Rewards reps in your latest marketing, ask yourself if you are going after the right type of person for your team? Is someone who copied and pasted ads online for penny auction sites with expectations of making a billion dollars a month your ideal prospect?

If you were a part of Zeek rewards, I apologize if you are offended by this post. It truly is NEVER a good thing when a company gets shut down NOR is it to be celebrated. It sucks that some people got friends into this sort of thing and now have to wear that. I suggest not giving up on this industry though as there are many companies of value out there. I am not bashing your company just stating my marketing opinion. Always be careful of what company and MARKETING MESSAGE you associate your name with. If you build a reputation on being associated with hype-filled marketing, it can be hard to go back and rectify this problem. If something doesn’t smell right, DON’T chase the money. Money (versus relationship or value) chasers just don’t typically make it in this industry. Become someone of value, associate yourself with people and companies of value, work your ass off and you will do well my friends.

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  1. says

    People are so fed up with hype. I spoke at a writing industry event last week, and was then on the ePublishing panel with a major book publisher, magazine publisher and magazine editor. One of the questions that came from the floor was about whether good writing would rise to the top or whether it was all about ‘good marketing and hype’. The audience burst into spontaneous applause. Clearly, the marketing stuff hit a nerve. This is against the backdrop, of course, of 50 Shades of Grey outselling classic literature, so there is a lot of anger about the perception of great novels being pushed aside by sub-standard writing and smart marketing.

    My response was that there is a WORLD of difference between ‘good marketing’ and ‘hype’ so they shouldn’t be bundled together. Good marketing is about telling great stories that help people to understand the ‘why’ of something (or the ‘why behind the why’ as you have said). Hype is about triggering fear of missing out.

    I saw a great TED talk the other day by a chap called Simon Sinek. It was about the fact that most businesses start with ‘what’, move to ‘how’, and end with ‘why’… if they remember. He pointed out that Apple starts with ‘why’, and takes that through all their marketing, so that by the time they reach ‘what’ you’re looking for a ‘buy now’ button.

    If people run their businesses from the basis of what truly moves them in an authentic way, and they seek to work with other people who have similar motivations, then:

    a/The marketing will never ‘smell’ wrong, because it’s authentic,

    b/They’re likely to end up working with the best people for them, because they’ll be attractive to others who are working from their authentic, internal drives (purpose) rather than external triggers (fear) and

    c/They just won’t end up landing in scammy companies, because they’ll be FEELING their way through business in the right way, so their gut reactions will be accurate, their vision will be clear and they’ll make the right choices.

  2. says

    Hey Ray great post buddy. It’s shocking how many people I have seen ‘vulturing’ over at Facebook on how Zeek has now shut down and they have all the solutions I mean really? LOL

  3. says

    Great post Ray. I know a former Numis distributor who got into Zeek and had great results and shared the system with a half dozen people. The big line he used was “you don’t have to recruit anybody if you don’t want to.” I always scratched my head little on that one.
    Either way, if this business turns out to be a ponzie scheme it’s a hit to all of us in the profession. Right now, I’ll reserve judgement until the investigation concludes. It may turn out legit. In the meantime, there may be a few that may want to build a more relationship business.


  4. Anthony DePlacido says

    I am in total agreement with you on this, Ray…..I feel badly for the people who got hurt but anyone who thinks you can make money in this industry without working, adding value and building relationships is delusional.

  5. Dee Amber says

    Exactly what I have been telling everyone, Ray. I've explained to people that they are trying to make business builders out of those who were accustomed to a "2 minute copy/paste" day. In the time spent trying to shift the "2 minute workday" mindset to a "business building" mindset, one could have just prospected properly and partnered with a leader that's ready to take off.

  6. says

    You know Ray I have always liked you and I subscribe to your post but you are really out of line here and really don't know enough about Zeek to make such outlandish and self promoting suggestions that all Zeek reps were people of low character and do nothing people. How absurd a rationalization.

  7. Alex Faleye says

    Wow to think I was getting pitched this left right and centre and I avoided it like the plague. Hmmmm always go with your instincts.

  8. says

    I understand my friend. As stated in the article I don’t know everything about the company but I certainly understand marketing and the marketing I personally received. On my blog I tend to post my opinions about marketing and I understand if you disagree with this opinion.

  9. says

    Also, As stated in the article I don't know everything about the company but I certainly understand marketing and the marketing I personally received. On my blog I tend to post my opinions about marketing and I understand if you disagree with this opinion.

  10. Jennifer Smith says

    Granted there are "lazy minded people who want to make a quick turn" but you can't blanket all zeek affiliates. For many of us this was just ONE OF MANY (investments) we did. We have full time jobs and vemma and other endeavors. Always looking, researching and "working our asses off for more in life". In fact many people were retired from working their whole freaking lives and hoped, no, they prayed this would be for them a better retirement! Just an added bonus a a short amount of time. We personally knew it would not last, but didn't expect it to end so quickly.

  11. says

    I also agree that it is a shock and a tragic event that Zeek has shut it's doors right now. Many folks were relying on it for their income. Just like many others rely on Herbalife, or Shaklee and Asea, Banners Broker and many others that are available where at first glance sound too good to be true. The comment about Lazy People are the only ones in Zeek? I do agree that it does attract those who don't want to do as much for a billion a month. It DID however also attract those that saw an opportunity to help others and did so. Diligently. I also believe that the shock is enough right now and all participants in Zeek are not capable of making a rational decision about any venture right now – let alone an MLM one. This is a shock to the industry and to many who are now in 'scramble" mode. Let's not prey on the 'wounded' so to speak. Unethical and just silly. Offer a shoulder, but not your business… yet.

    You also mention that when someone has a 700 investment and a 15 months later has 76,000 + now and say that is ludicrous. Is it truly ludicrous to NOT expect a 76,000 return over a year and 3 months for efforts you have put into a business you got involved with? Your statement is contradictory to the entire MLM industry. Thousands of people make 76k or more their first year in the MLM industry. Might even be hundreds of thousands of people today. Others make that much in days from strong advertising campaigns and clickbank. I don't see why you can say that the claim is ludicrous when it happens all the time in business. Especially MLM business.

    CNN is doing a rather bad job of reporting in this article because they are already judging Zeek to be a fraud in this case. 'Gub'mint said it – must be true….' these bought and paid for reporters need to grow a set and then USE them.. Report the facts then stop speculating the what if's – or speculate BOTH sides, not just the down one. I find the MSM to be somewhat biased toward one side in these cases and set the court of public opinion in motion much too quickly.

    I remember back in the beginnings (in the 70's) of MLM there was a company the government inspected with a fine tooth comb saying it was a too good to be true pyramid scheme that violated all kids of rules and regulations when it came to doing business. That company is now a multi BILLION dollar MLM giant. If not THE MLM giant. Ever heard of AMWAY?

    Right now is not the time to be recruiting Zeek affiliates as the jury is still out on the case and because of the Mr Ticker had a number of his cars sitting outside the courtroom window to prove his case (accused of not having inventory and squandering the investors money) but the Judge wouldn't get off his butt and look out the window. Tucker had a superior and safer product, but the big 3 didn't want the competition. He lost his case as was found guilty of fraud. You have to remember who owns what as well.

  12. says

    I read the post and Ray wasn’t insinuating Zeek reps were of “low character”… stick to the article and it’s message of bad marketing. Lots of good character people do bad marketing every day.

  13. Margaret Elizabeth Brown says

    Tacky tacky,,, i know of people who were hard recruiter's in zeek and many more MLM's….doesn't make a person weak, to want a better life in a down economy.

  14. says

    I have had a speech clarity "challenge", in the past. At the time I was introduced to Zeek rewards, I took a close look at it. Telephone skills were simply not something that gave me confidence at that point, so I thought "why not" => well..my gut told me "don't work with Zeek Rewards" after a bit of due diligence.. it just wasn't something I'd be proud to represent.. there was no "call to greatness" intrinsic within it.. I gravitated away from that rather quickly.. and the people running it.. the last thing on my mind, is to try and recruit people attracted to that program.. even though with still a speech clarity challenge they might be logical ones for me to approach,( cause they'd be "looking" ) with a bit of confidence "of persuading".. Not a worthwhile endeavor I agree.. I'll work on my speech and telephone skills!

  15. says

    Awesome article! You should see some of the companies who are going after Zeek reps. If anything ever happened to my company I would NEVER, EVER join those companies targeting Zeeklers.

  16. says

    If you plan on making money in MLM as a career expect to build it more than once! Just like in corporate America anyone rarely stays with the same cimplant until they retire. It’s the people who are the number one asset. Not the company you choose.

  17. says

    Well said, thanks for sharing. Especially to those that joined and feel "burned", don't give up on network marketing! Find a great product you truly value, and get going again!

  18. says

    I was always curious about Zeek Rewards, but the way it was marketed to me, like you said, always made me turn the other way. I feel terrible for all of the people who have been affected by this, but lucky for them there are still legit opportunities out there that they can pick up the pieces with.

  19. Dee Amber says

    Let me clarify that I'm not being short sighted or blanketing all Zeek affiliates. I have a lot of good business friends that dabbled with Zeek.

    What I am saying is that for the most part, Zeek attracted the "2 minute workday" mentality & to attempt to mass target these individuals now is not only tacky, but doesn't align with what most people are offering (business that require HOURS–not minutes–and where you DO need to sell/recruit).

    People in Zeek were VERY proud of the whole 2 minute per day copy/paste idea..and that is TOTALLY fine…so my thing is…Why jump all over these people like vultures and offer them the exact opposite?

    Answer: Because that person doesn't actually care about the person, is too lazy to build relationships and/or doesn't possess strong business ethics.

  20. Dee Amber says

    Let me clarify that I'm not being short sighted or blanketing all Zeek affiliates. I have a lot of good business friends that dabbled with Zeek.

    What I am saying is that for the most part, Zeek attracted the "2 minute workday" mentality & to attempt to mass target these individuals now is not only tacky, but doesn't align with what most people are offering (businesses that require HOURS–not minutes–and where you DO need to sell/recruit).

    People in Zeek were VERY proud of the whole 2 minute per day copy/paste idea..and that is TOTALLY fine…so my thing is…Why jump all over these people like vultures and offer them the exact opposite?

    Answer: Because that person doesn't actually care about the person, is too lazy to build relationships, is uneducated on how to PROPERLY market and/or doesn't possess strong business ethics.

  21. says

    Awesome read Ray. Anyone who joins an opportunity just for the money are in mind the type of person that will jump from opp. to opp., always looking for the next big thing. If you truly want to be successful in this industry it takes time, hard work, dedication and a passion for helping others. Keep rocking it Ray!

  22. says

    What is the bottom line in any business, to make money. Money is a good thing Ray, and good people seeking to make a few extra dollars will do what it takes to get that. I was in zeek and according to You I am a very lazy and bad person. I have been in several mlm' s.worked my butt off, only to end up with nothing but lots of product of every kind and no one wanting it. Thanks for your opinion!

  23. Phil Crowson says

    I couldn't agree more. I declined an invitation to this company no less than 4 weeks ago. Because penny auction sites are a turn-off, and because it just didn't smell right. I too feel for those affected. I hope they brush themselves down, & get back in the game with a better opportunity next time around!

  24. says

    I understand where you coming from Ray, but at the same time someone has to pick them up and teach them the right way of doing business. If no one does this, then they will never be able to grow as leaders and learn from past mistakes. Yes, we shouldn't bombard Zeek members with our opportunity, but we should definitely extend our expertise and let them know we are here for them.

    Best Regards,

    Joel Minguela
    International Entrepreneur

  25. says

    I agree with what you say here Ray and in fact my recruiting follows yours, mainly because you taught me it a while back.

    Don’t get as many people up front but they do seem to stay.


  26. says

    Having spent my entire career in “marketing” I know that it — like “network marketing / MLM” — isn’t perfect. You can’t please everybody with your marketing…someone WILL be offended and complain. (In fact, I ran one campaign and was disappointed it ONLY received 7 complaints!) In my opinion, it’s not JUST about the marketing…it’s about the INTENTION behind the marketing. Copywriting “tricks,” “hypnotic language,” psychology of colors, and everything else in our marketing arsenals can be used to entice people to buy, or to DECEIVE people into buying. Unfortunately there are people in EVERY network marketing company that uses hype marketing to attract customers and distributors…it’s up to us as LEADERS to maintain the integrity of the profession and bring everyone else up to our standards.

  27. says

    Ray you hit the nail right on the head. It is like that game find the queen. If it sounds too good it is. I dfont know how many people told me to sign up. I did get a call about a week and a half ago from a close friend and his friend wanted to do Zeek he ask me about it….Long story short he saved his 10,000 and moved on….Thanks Ray.

  28. says

    I hate to see an MLM company fail. It's just more fodder for the hater's and skeptics who will categorize the entire industry of Network Marketing as a SCAM. May as well say all Contractors are untrustworthy, all Attorney's are crooked, all Politicians are liars all Chiropractors are quacks…..If anyone want's to look at industries that are closer to scams, check out Banks, Insurance, Oil and Government Contracts. BTW, where did all that Bail Out Money go? There are so few genre's of business where you can start with so little and create so much. Maybe that's why the vultures circle. Ray, I agree with the advice of NEVER chase the money. If a Biz OP begins their pitch with the comp plan and promises of instant wealth, do some serious due diligence before jumping in. Damn shame about Zeek and my hope is that when the investigation is completed that they are exonerated and no one loses any money. Peace :-)

  29. says

    Hi Ray,
    I was surprised to hear that Zeek Rewards was shut down for a Ponzi scheme. I know nothing about this company myself but, I wouldn’t consider prospecting to members in that company, because it seems they do not grasp what ethical marketing is. I am sure those who were marketing were well aware that making unrealistic amounts of money for not doing the work, building relationships and teams is fishy.
    I guess the moral of this story is that there is unscrupulous marketing out there and people do need to be vigilant.
    Suzanne Glathar

  30. Richard Kowalski says

    Ray ..Although I agree with your comment about people trying to do things the easy way to succeed on line.like with companies like Zeek.The opposite is also
    not so good Programs that offer training,blogs..leads.etc.etc.prey on the untrained..often it costing 100,s of dollars.Often run by Gurus..who sell just that,when you upgrade to this and that!.Many are left behind not knowing what is good for them to pay for etc. etc..Unless you are a computer whiz..you are also waisting your time with the so called legitimate opportuinties.The last program I was involved cost me nearly $1000 to learn how to blog and use leads etc..well i couldt grasp it..and was left behind to drop out.You have to look at both sides here.

  31. says

    I agree with the fact that Zeek’s marketing method weren’t very good, but I also agree with E. Don Bailey. I got the same thing from this article that he did. But bad marketing is bad marketing… regardless of the company.

  32. Mark Pires says

    This is sad but not a total lost for those that got caught up in it. You can write off the total lost on your taxes so you could in up getting more money back in your refund. The info below is directly from the IRS information many people don’t know

    Deductions Not Subject to the 2 Percent Limit. The list of deductions not subject to the 2 percent limit of adjusted gross income includes:

    Casualty and theft losses from income-producing property such as damage or theft of stocks, bonds, gold, silver, vacant lots, and works of art.
    Gambling losses up to the amount of gambling winnings.
    Impairment-related work expenses of persons with disabilities.
    Losses from Ponzi-type investment schemes.
    Qualified miscellaneous deductions are reported on Schedule A, Itemized Deductions. Keep records of your miscellaneous deductions to make it easier for you to prepare your tax return when the filing season arrives.

    There are also many expenses that you cannot deduct such as personal living or family expenses. You can find more information and examples in IRS Publication 529, Miscellaneous Deductions, which is available on IRS.gov or by calling 800-TAX-FORM (800-829-3676).

  33. says

    Very Impressive Article Ray! Thanks for the insight! Quality vs Quantity rules out for the longterm. Consistency + Persistency = Success – F.O.C.U.S = Follow One Course Until Successful.

  34. says

    It's not that I disagree with you Ray, but be careful here. I have been approached about Numis, your company several times and passed. For exactly the same reasons you laid out in your blog. I also know several mlm friends who are doing well in other programs, who joined zeek for the "rewards". Don't be judgemental. Especially if folks have issues with the ethical nature of what you do. Otherwise, great post

  35. says

    Tony Peters It's not that I disagree with you Ray, but be careful here. I have been approached about Numis, your company several times and passed. For exactly the same reasons you laid out in your blog. I also know several mlm friends who are doing well in other programs, who joined zeek for the "rewards". Don't be judgemental. Especially if folks have issues with the ethical nature of what you do. Otherwise, great post.

  36. says

    Great positive an uplifting words from a “leader”! Amazing..Since you’ve spoken a bit out of line Ray, so will I. I’m sure Your glad that Numis was Willing to let YOU join them with your broke ass bankrupt story!

  37. Eugene says

    Bad article Ray. Do not judge and not going to be judged. I do not work in Zikler, but enjoy other people’s misfortunes, as you do – it is a sin. Any way Zeekler is internet company with own style of work. It is not a hype or scam!!!

    Or you think internet company have to only sell goods or coins or pills? NO, NO and NO… Internet this is advertising, technology and other product which need to business. Also Numis use advertising as well through company like Zeekler.

    Thus we can say that it is any company included Numis fraud. Numis also sells gold and silver coin a high degree of MS-70, but such coins produced a little. Moreover, such coin mints are distributed only to a few big coin dealers, which then give the coins to the grading company and out of say 100,000 coins MS-70 grade will be only 10,000 coins as MS-70.

    The question is where Numis would get MS-70 grade coins to all of their representatives (if they will – say a million or even 300000 members?) Will forge a grading MS-70? Open auction with bids? Or what? That answer to this question! Nothing against Numis, but only like to clear some point.

  38. says

    Well said Ray! You’re quite right about the vultures. And love what you said about the people that companies like Zeek Reward can attract. Unfortunately these people tend to have a ‘prospective’ that expects ‘something for nothing’ and it leads to what Frank Kern recently called ‘the cycle of doom’…

    Fortunately ‘prospective’ can be ‘matured’ and those who were looking for ‘get rick quick’ may realize that doesn’t work. Then, they become self responsible and become attracted to companies and leaders with real value and integrity.

    Our industry learns from failure, and it succeeds from those leaders who remain “unmessable” in setting an example of value, compassion and integrity – thanks for being just such a hero my friend.


  39. says

    Had to throw this in, that I noticed the person that disagreed with you also happened to have prospected me just last week for Zeek. People are bound to be defensive when they realize they made a poor decision. Money lost – is never fun. It is far better to build a true business as you say – get on the phone, teach people to develop leads and then develop leaders. Great article!

  40. says

    What a cool post Ray I think that you are right people in Zeek maybe not thinking like the people that want to join your business and the points about why seem to sum it up Awesome :) Mike Sherratt.

  41. says

    Ray Higdon, I couldn't agree more with everything you said. I'd like to especially comment on how important it is to find quality prospects. When I started in network marketing I wanted to save all the people that needed my help and although I'm a bit embarrassed to admit it, I ended up spending more money that I made. At times it felt like my soul purpose was to find everyone who was about to lose their home or were so distraught by the economy that they couldn't see straight.

    As I learned the hard way, and this time it was completely my fault because (being a doctor) I've always wanted to help people. Please everyone, learn from my mistakes and my unwillingness to hear what several people were trying to get through to me…

    In addition to those qualities that Ray mentioned in this post, look for quality prospects in FB groups that are already working on their personal development (the more you're willing to work on your personal development and invest in yourself the farther you will go in this industry.. it's just a fact)!

    And one last thing I wanted to add, if you're still thinking that you want to go after people in Zeek Rewards, you may want to think about how much time you want to spend talking about people's money losses!

  42. says

    Ray, I couldn't agree more with everything you said. I'd like to especially comment on how important it is to find quality prospects. When I started in network marketing I wanted to save all the people that needed my help and although I'm a bit embarrassed to admit it, I ended up spending more money that I made. At times it felt like my soul purpose was to find everyone who was about to lose their home or were so distraught by the economy that they couldn't see straight.

    As I learned the hard way, and this time it was completely my fault because (being a doctor) I've always wanted to help people. Please everyone, learn from my mistakes and my unwillingness to hear what several people were trying to get through to me…

    In addition to those qualities that Ray Higdon mentioned in this post, look for quality prospects in FB groups that are already working on their personal development (the more you're willing to work on your personal development and invest in yourself the farther you will go in this industry.. it's just a fact)!

    And one last thing I wanted to add, if you're still thinking that you want to go after people in Zeek Rewards, you may want to think about how much time you want to spend talking about people's money losses!

  43. says

    This article makes a great point. Although I wasn’t in Zeek, I have many close friends who were. They made so much money, doing nothing, that I think it set an unrealistic standard. No prospecting, no selling, no marketing…. just copy and pasting was making them a great income.

    Sometimes it really is “Too good to be true”.

  44. says

    Regardless of how Zeek operated or did not operate, it is still inappropriate for any professional to be critical or demeaning of what went on. If you weren't in Zeek you obviously do not have any idea of how it was operated. You can read the news media all you want but you read 50 articles, you get 50 opinions. My point is this, until the truth comes out, don't believe everything you hear. You weren't there, neither was I. I do hope that when the truth comes out that if there was any criminal activity involved that the ones who were doing wrong get their punishment. Until then I will not pass judgement.

  45. says

    Good way of rubbing salt into the wound. You put this out just two days after some people lost everything, and are now scrabbling to pick up the pieces, and figure out how they are going to keep a roof over their heads, and feed their families. I get your point, but waiting until the storm settled a bit would have been a better approch. Show a bit of compassion.

  46. says

    Hey Ray, you gave a very good perspective here and I agree with most of it. As you noted, it is not proven yet that it is a scam and just because the government says so… well, lets' just say the government seems to say a lot on "non-facts" almost daily!
    Personally, I feel bad for anyone involved if it is "proven" to be a scam. It seemed so refreshing to me how the company shared heir profits with reps in return for the reps placing ads world wide and marketing to attract new customers… it does not pose a problem for me as much as the multitude of internet hype marketers, programs and gurus that often have much more concern for money than serving others. (you are not one of those) I appreciate how you addressed what is or should be a priority… building relationships. Be blessed sir!

  47. says

    Hello Ray,

    I appreciate your message and you know what, it makes total sense. And you are correct this industry take hard work, from people that are committed to helping others that really want help.

    Thanks again,

  48. says

    This article is not awesome. It is a put down of all who lost money in zeek. Some of us worked 16 – 18 hours a day training our group in solo ads and banner ads and email blasts. You can tell just by reading my blog how much time Hanna and I put into it (steadycashfast.com) go to the zeekler corner. How can you say zeek people are lazy just because some of them are. You have lazy people in your group also, I am positive on that. You should really be a bit more sensitive when someone takes a loss.

  49. says

    Ray This is a Great Point! But we all must understand that Network Marketing is About helping people! Those Zeek Affiliate's was just looking for a way to support their families. I wouldn't say I wouldn't prospect them but us as leaders should show them the way, teach them to do their due- diligence, show them how to build a business! and make it Duplicatable! & most of all better them selves. so we can help them help people! we shouldn't judge anyone because they chose to place on ad a day. I Believe anyone can be the right person. I Believe everyone can have huge success in Network Marketing! its Up to Us Leaders to show them the way!

  50. says

    Ray thank you for this post. What bothered me most has been the snide remarks coming from our fellow newwork marketers about the affiliates that were involved with Zeek. Going after them blantly to recruit but using “I told you so” and “You should have known better so now come see me” comments. Said for many but we all need to remember that whatever the outcome this reflects on our industry. Also I have seen some of the best companies out here with great products have people using unethical comments to to recruit so judging we should not in my opinion.

  51. says

    If “for the most part” Zeek attracted the 2 minute a day people, how were they bringing in a thousand people a day. Who was doing all that recruiting? My group had 185 people in it. My wife and I sponsored 53 personally and the rest was the group. These number is no different than you will find in any MLM opportunity. We worked like dogs at this. Your “answer” disgusts me
    Robert Gube-Zitrin aka Dr. Bob

  52. says

    stone age, I apologize, I gave a reply to your letter without reading the whole article. Now that I have ready it. I apologize, and I agree with most of what you have said.

  53. says

    Nice post Ray! I recently left a company because the main company marketing message had become hype based and I didn't want my reputation as a business owner marred by it. I agree that NM companies getting shut down is never to be celebrated, but I also agree that it is in everyone's best interest to seek a NM company that provides true value and focuses on relationship building. :)

  54. says

    My attack is on hype marketing, like I have been attacking for the last few years. There are certainly some salt in the wounds posts out there, this was not meant to be one. Sorry if you or someone you know lost money, I’ve certainly been there. I would hope no one fighting to feed their children would put their last dollars into ANYTHING that made the type of promises Zeek made

  55. says

    I would never say never. It is rare to get it right the first time but most top earners went through a few before they found one they stuck with

  56. says

    Great post Ray,

    I’ve sometimes commented that there should be a network marketing literacy test. This would definately be part of it:

    QUESTION #1 – What is the VALUE offered by the company?

    Thanks for another thought provoking post.


  57. says

    I will continue to judge marketing tactics, its just in my nature. This article is all about their marketing.

    As far as coins, in the US the mint has to supply the demand legally. But, lets argue that they change that federal law. Well, we have quite a few other government mints we get coins from. I’d argue to say that governments all over the world will continue to want to make money

  58. says

    I know hurt people attack and that stinks that you were hurt. This blog, as I tried so hard to suggest in the blog, is based on the marketing that I PERSONALLY RECEIVED. Not attacking the reps

  59. says

    Thanks Ray. I love you too Brother, ..

    Wow, that’s very humbling for you to say that to me..it means so much. I really respect you and look up to you. It’s going to be an honor and priveledge to share my success story, and to hear of many new success stories, of so many great people.

    Erwin and Eva and the Big Wave here have been supportive in true faith, such quality people. So has Diane and Wealthy Collectors and team.

    I love you all!



  60. says

    I think it's important to remember that anything like Zeek is a "do at your own risk" type of thing. And regardless of how certain people feel, everyone knew that going in.

  61. says

    yes anyone in a deal like his should take some pause before writing something like that. I know many folks who did it as a sidebar to what they are already doing. Not lazy folks either.

  62. Geoff Stephen says

    My response is usually:

    "If there's no recruiting necessary, why are you sending me your affiliate link?" lol.

    The way to win in this industry is to find someone that has had long-term, consistent success… then do what they do. (key being "long-term, consistent").

    It's not easy, but it really is as simple as that.

  63. Bethany Crawford Andres says

    We sure did know that going in, but people need to zip it. We are the ones affected, not some high-ego type like this guy. His opinion that we are all lazy is just laughable. It's a risk with Visalus too, and if they shut down tomorrow, promoters wouldn't appreciate all the ignorant comments.

  64. says

    Hey Ray! Great article man. I was with Zeek but it just one of my streams of income, so it is what it is. This is probably the only article about Zeek that I've read in the last couple days that didn't annoy the crap out of me. Most people, it's "I knew it, Zeek is a total Scam! Join my team because we'll always be around! Ours is like Zeek but better!" Trying to profit off of all the people getting out of Zeek. I have noticed that alot of the people that joined my Zeek team didn't really want to do anything besides spend 30 seconds a day posting an ad haha. It was easy money, but that's not how you build a large organization. Like you said, those probably aren't the kind of people you want to work with. Thanks for not completely blasting the company and just giving the facts.

  65. says

    Ray, this is one reason, I am your student, your very real in your communication, and hold similar values , I am praying for those who lost money , and for their families, relationships are the most important thing in this industry.Looking forward, to your blitz progress. Peace

  66. Kelsey Kunkel says

    I Kelsey Kunkel was a very hard worker in the Zeek opportunity! It was a lot of fun recruiting the people that would never touch network marketing with a thousand foot pole. Investment bankers, pharmacy owners, attorneys, real estate Agents, insurance brokers, mlm owners, famous authors, and not to mention your ordinary everyday average joe that was able to make some extra money. Most all of my team made money and some lost some money no doubt! Do I feel horrible about that? YES! However im proud to have open up some minds to mlm opportunities. We have to remember, it is not about being a poster boy for a specific company! It’s about being your own person and chasing your unique dreams! It’s about the dream, not anything else. My heart goes out to all hurt Zeek affiliates and especially those of you throwing stones! May God have mercy on us all, however that looks! Be blessed my friends:)

  67. says

    I’ve never heard of Zeek before today but it’s important to remember that we all make bad and sometimes immoral choices, I don’t know the personal circumstances of the people involved but as long as you market “correctly” the right people will join you.

  68. says

    Great article Ray.
    Sad news for Zeek Rewards. Opportunities like this can attract people looking to get rich quick. I knew a couple people involved in this. Although this does not mean the end for Zeek but things dont look good for them.
    We are looking for people to lock arms with and build financial freedom slowly.
    Take care bro!
    Paul Butler

  69. says

    I think it is sad anytime a business closes(unless is is a illegal business). Whether it be Zeek, a big factory or particularly a locally owned mom and pop organization people get hurt. That is the unfortunate part of it all. People depend on making a living whether it be through an MLM, a factory or a seamstress business, people work because they need to make an income. When that is lost it is sad. I would never wish ill on anyone and I hope and pray that those that have lost $$ in whatever it may be, make it back 10 fold in the near future. Most people are just trying to support their families and help others.

  70. says

    Hey Ray,

    I like your viewpoint. I was not fully aware of what Zeek Rewards was all about, and I made a comment on another post: http://www.businessforhome.org/2012/08/zeekrewards-usa-secret-service-and-sec-investigate-zeek/ and was then attacked by a few people for sharing my thoughts to be careful when investing any money into any company, and why I choose my company.

    People need to be careful about any company that they choose, because it is their name and reputation that is involved.

    I agree with your thinking about sponsoring good quality people into our business. I think it’s sad when this happens, and don’t wish it on anyone, as now the “Ponzi Scheme” name and “Stigma” is attached to Zeek, and it will most likely not recover from the bad press regardless of the outcome of the investigation.

    YTB suffered the same fate back in 2008 (I was with them against my heart telling me NOT to get involved) when the CA Attorney General sued them saying that they were an illegal pyramid scam…Most distributors bailed after that and they were eventually cleared of any wrongdoing, but the damage was already done. Have you ever tried to recruit someone into a company that was being investigated by an AG before? Not good…

    Anyway, keep up the great job! I’m beginning my own 90 day blitz in October, lets circle back at the end of the year and compare notes… Keep up the awesome job that you do…Blessings!

  71. Stephanie Deneke says

    You might be one of the exceptions to Zeek Robert. My experience with how I was approached about Zeek was the same as Ray's. The marketing message I was sent was a negative/spammy/lazy message from every affiliate of Zeek that contacted me. It was this type of message from them that made those who actually worked hard look bad. And when the overall majority message from affiliates is the "get rich quick" type of marketing it looks bad for the entire company and represents all affiliates, even those who work their asses off, which is unfortunate for those like you that worked hard.

  72. says

    Ray I pretty much agree with your post regarding the caution of network marketing companies who promise you gold. I am a Zeek Reward Affiliate and prior to joining I did my research just as I did with every other company I'm affiliated with. However, I just wanted to point out that there is a difference with those affiliates who only wanted to make money copying and pasting and business builders. You're right that network marketers may not want to recruit someone who copy and paste but mostly likely that individual do not want to do network marketing anyway. Some of affiliates who only wanted to copy and paste are 80 year old grandmothers and handicap individuals who can't leave their homes and mothers who just wanted to make a little extra money for school clothes for their kids. These individuals chose to only do the affiliate side of the business however there are some people in Zeek who are network marketers. They recruit, build list, cold call, invest in personal development and do everything that a "regular network marketer" would do. So for those network marketers who feel that Zeek Reward Affiliate may not be a good fit for their business, it would be a wrong assumption. I am a Zeek Affiliate who made money by copying and pasting ads but I am also a professional network marketer involved in another business. While I'm glad that you will not be recruiting Zeek Affiliates because the wound is still fresh, please don't count Zeek Affiliates out as potential recruits because you may be surprise to find some of the brightest and best who really believed in Zeek Rewards. I'm pretty sure some of your fans were involved in companies that were forced to close there doors. You live and you learn.

  73. says

    As I have learned from several conversations today, I agree with you 100% and appreciate you truly understanding what I meant to convey in this article.

  74. says

    Network/multilevel marketing is a great marketing concept. The emphasis on the " the process of duplication " of efforts by individuals times individuals recruited to do the same or more can be phenomenal when done right. Too many times the emphasis is on just the compensation plan and not on the product or service being offered. For instance, if the product or service are unique and one of a kind it fits well with this form of marketing. But if you are trying to push a product or service that is common, easy to acquire apart from getting it through network marketing, it can be a waste of time. We forget about consumer buying habits or instincts as networkers whether as a company or as representatives. Why should I as a consumer buy from myself wholesale when the so called wholesale is not even price competitive with the store brand of the same tpye product. The IT factor has got to be in any product or service in order to make it worth the while for purshase by the consumer. The reason many network marketing companies are so close to being in violation ( if not already ) of current SEC or FTC regulations is the way they set up their compensation plan. It is so simple: Product or service provided for sale to targeted consumers and not to targeted fellow marketers. The mandatory requirements to " purchase " an item in order to qualify for commissions is walking a fine line if the " optional purchase " is left out of the plan. The average person should be able to come out of homelessness if the opportunity is well within his/her reach and not burdensome for him/her to qualify as a representative. We must get back to basics in this industry and let competition determine our success or failures and not the government regulations.

  75. says

    Ray, I totally understand your mindset about Zeek, and I thought that way, until I did my research, and in my humble opinion, this is just another way for Big Brother to stop the average person from making a few extra bucks on the side or adding to what they are already doing.

    There were many of my associates, all very hard working marketers, who had built teams and were pulling in a very nice income weekly after taking anywhere from 6 months to a year building their team. And believe it or not it wasn’t easy ‘recruiting’ for Zeek because most people did think that their systeem sounded to good to be true or they didn’t understand the concept.

    Me, I know how our government operates, and I have witnessed at least 3 totally legitimate MlM’s get shut down for no real viable reason -except for the fact that to many average people were making above average incomes.

    More than likely its over for Zeek, however I pray that anyone who was in Zeek whether they benefited or not, keep their head up and continue on the path of creating wealth for themsevles and NEVER give up!


  76. says

    Aloha Ray, I am new to MLM and truly feel sad for those folks who have worked and believed in achieving their financial freedom like all of us who have entered this wonderful industry. My prayers go to all those families to land on solid ground. Unfortunate that the readers did not read your view on the marketing as opposed as the view on people. This situation is very unfortunate for the industry and those who continually work to build their financial freedom. As to recruiting, I believe that you will attract individuals like you for the most part as nothing is absolute in this world of ours. TYPS!

  77. says

    There are always people who abuse things. that is the nature of the world. As far as words like "the overall majority". There were one million zeek reps. How many times were you contacted 10 or 20. One negative thought about something negates 50 positive thoughts. There were 185 members in our group. My friend Jim Heckman had 3000. None of our people marketed like that. We were so compliant that it hurt our sales. Lets not forget Diane Tornado. 350 strong all marketing correctly and many other groups we have met with. Zeek screwed us, but the zeekelites were no more lazy than the "majority" of people in any mlm. Thank you for your good thoughts but think before you use words like "majority"

  78. says

    I also didn't understand Zeek until a good friend explained it to me. I do not believe it was a scam. I think they got shafted. But my friend, like other good people I know did make money with Zeek and quite a bit because they were not afraid to talk to people and used the phone, so I see that throwing all the Zeek people in one basket and calling them do nothings is a mistake. I personally never liked penny auctions, so I wasn't a fan of Zeek. It just didn't inspire me. My primary business does. it's never just about the money.

  79. says

    The major point to this article is that Zeek affiliates are not ideal candidates to become a rep for your “serious” network marketing business that actually takes “work” and not post a silly ad a day to become a millionaire. That because the Zeek culture fostered an attitude of “lazyness” or “easy money” that those same reps would bring that same culture to your company.

    I have to disagree with this point. I do agree with the analysis that the Zeek cultured catered to individuals who wanted an easy way to fast money. However most people in Zeek were or are apart of other opportunities. The people who made the most money in Zeek are seasoned veterans not individuals someone asked at a gas station if they wanted to make easy money.

    So to come to the conclusion that if you were in Zeek you do not or are not willing to learn the qualities necessary to become successful in another home based business is incorrect and goes against the entire point of network marketing.

    Network marketing is for every single person who has a desire for a better life and financial freedom regardless of background, race, religion, gender, or even experience. This industry can take the lazyiest person you can find with no education, and show them how to learn skills necessary to become financially free. So to think that Zeeklers do not possess this quality is severly limiting your prospecting pool.

    There are those who believe that anyone attempting to recruit Zeek reps is immoral, unethical, and tacky! Unfortunately these people also still don’t fully understand network marketing. Network marketing is all about sharing the good news, not feeling guilty for sharing the good news. This is not a woman who lost her husband and then is immediately being courted by men in the village before the corpse is even burried. This is business and Zeek Rewards was a vehicle for over 800,000 reps. Those reps all have a desire for something more than what they have. They recognize that a normal 9-5 job isn’t going to work. Zeek failed them.

    Instead of us standing on the side lines wishing them the best and praying for them you should be telling them about the good news you represent with your company. You should be reminding them that one company failed not the entire industry. You should be incouraging them to get back on that horse and move on. The trend I notice is that the most successful people in this industry understand this and you don’t hear them screaming about the injustice of Zeek reps being prospected by other companies. Hell they are trying to figure out the best marketing plan themselves. I can tell you right now that the movers and shakers in Zeek already have a plan and are acting on it right now.

    I say shame on you for sitting on your hands and watching this go down without throwing out a life raft to save some people whose lives have been turned upside down. Who don’t know how they are going to pay the bills. Reach out and help someone instead of condemning others who are doing so.

  80. Tung Vo says

    @ Stone Age……Amen to you….thank you! As for Ray and Dee…..they are better and smarter than most if not all of Zeek's Affiliates that's why they post what they post and ofcourse they have never made mistakes or bad choices in there lifetime. Kicking and spitting on a wounded person on a ground is an act of a coward. Indirectly recruiting people at the most vulnerable time is an act of a scum. So, please hold off and try re-pitching your products after we are healed. thanks

  81. says

    Ray. Love your trainings. Love your products. Love the shining example that you set. I have to agree on some points and disagree on others (at the risk of being slain by Rayfanatics). I agree that you probably don't want to attract do nothing people with the lottery mentality, people who think because they bought into something and now they necessarily get rewarded for purchasing with no effort. I agree also that some good marketers names will be trashed by the failings of a company and whatever claims were made.

    Here is where I disagree though, your main point, to not use hype to bring people in… To say that –> would be to never tell the stories of success. For instance EVERYONE knows the stories of the Ray Higdons, the David Woods, Brian Fanale and company. By Nature, great success begets great hype. There is legitimate hype seeing the accomplishments of the building of the wonders of the world and for instance the pyramids. There is great hype when we see Ray Higdons face carved into Mount Rushmore (yes that is a compliment my friend). To see the accomplishments of superstars like Todd Falcone, to not share the tales of that success and yours et all would leave people unenthused and with feelings that this is all a hopeless chase. So to some extent we all sell at least a muted hype or people would never know the names of any of our shining examples.

    The other disagreement I have is when you say "don't chase the money." Come on, we all chase the money to some extent. You wouldn't have tried the many companies that you did before numis if there was no money involved. You would have never thought of quitting and giving up the game during the many failures before you found your success. And if they said "hey Ray, we want you to promote your present company for FREE for the next 10 years" there is absolutely no way you would continue to work your present business with the same fervor as you now do.

    We ALL want more time, more money, and more freedom but far too many neglect to, as you said, "Become someone of value, associate yourself with people and companies of value, work your ass off". That's what it takes to succeed in anything.

    My condolence to all you Zeekers out there who lost anything. I hope you find your way.

    p.s. Ray, Love your training, your work ethic, and your spirit my friend. See you at the top.

  82. says

    Great words and so very true, it is a shame but we can’t expect to be paid for nothing
    Everything you. Said I agree with Ray and I am so glad that a person of influence has the character to speak out

  83. says

    ya they are not all lazy, the point of the message is the way people marketed it would attract mostly lazy people. In fact I was attracted to it since they said I didn't have to really spend more then 3 minutes a day with it. So guess what? I didn't spend any minutes a day with it with their automated posting service! Does that make me lazy? No because I spend all my time in my primary businesses, but I did absolutely NOTHING in Zeek because that's what attracted me to it. So in Zeek I was lazy, and I didn't feel right promoting it to others so that is probably why you didn't even know I was in it!

  84. Michael Wegman says

    Robert, I completely disagree with your assertion that Ray Higdon's article is "a put down of all who lost money in Zeek." By the flavor of your emotional responses it is quite clear you are hurting right now from the trauma of your loss, which is certainly understandable. You worked hard, were dedicated, and what you got in the end was NOT part of the dream. I get that, and I am certain everyone else gets it as well, and we are sincerely sorry as fellow MLM'ers. Ray's comments were NOT about Zeek or Zeek reps but about how Zeek's marketing practices seemingly targeted a certain type of person. YOU personally may not have marketed to the get rich quick crowd nor anyone on your team by virtue of the excellent training you provided them, but from the looks of company "compliance approved" advertising, many in Zeek did, and apparently the U.S. Federal Government agrees. Ray has integrity enough to educate his team using Zeek as a "lessons learned" but in a way that is apologetic for your loss and respectful of how sensitive this matter is right now with many. In your case, suggest you read his carefully instructive words again, as I believe first pass through you may have heard something Ray is NOT saying.

  85. says

    Anyone with experience in the HYIP (high-yield investment ponzi) “industry” over the past decade could spot ZEEK from 100 miles offshore (lil pun there). Few involved would admit (even to themselves) what they were in.

    A good rule is the “yer grandma” test – ie, would you twist your own grandmother’s arm into buying it? (hint: some will!) I was recruited by some who made a TON of money from Zeek. My response was always the same: I KNOW I can make money with it, but there’s that SLEEPING AT NIGHT thingie… for me, sleep usually wins the argument.

  86. says

    What is it about "alleged" people don't get. What happened to "innocent until PROVEN guilty" people are ignoring. Show me a MLM that has not been investigated by the SEC. Some of the biggest ones have survived this and negative and stupid people who kicks you while you are down. Be careful of the toes you step on today…they might be attached to the ass you are kissing tomorrow!

  87. Duane Vincent says

    Amazed by the "Leaders" I saw (several from a "leading" company) that could hardly wait to post their "invitation" and even suggesting to their group to do the same. SMH

  88. says

    Ray — totally respect what you have accomplished and HOW you’ve done it. But most in MLM, and I would include you, us too much HYPE marketing.

    I find if almost comical the ad/marketing you have at the end of the posts:

    PS: We are giving away $10 Million in Assets in the Next Five Years

    Geeez …

  89. says

    Great Response Rebecca! :) Good content. Love the crucial points at the end.

    Ray- Thanks for always staying true to your knowledge base and sharing what works and what doesn’t to those that are “green” to the industry.

  90. Linda M. Hurley says

    Wow – yes read the "why are Zeek wounded being shot dead" article. A program offering auctions for products you actually WANT (vs all Amway etc) and can eventually recruit friends to sell their own products in their stores, but don't HAVE to right away to be a distributor for others worldwide – does not sound to me like only for the "Lazy" and it was a way to facilitate other ventures as well, as some have mentioned here. It was a great profit-sharing model and I hope to see it again when all 50 AGs are asked to bless it up front!

  91. says

    I wasn’t surprised at all when Zeek was shut down. I had been approached by a few networkers about the opportunity that “sounds too good to be true but it isn’t.” Your perspective is very interesting. We all know that nothing great comes without hard work.

  92. says

    I knew it was only a matter of time before Zeek was shut down. I had quite a few networkers approach me about the opportunity that “sounds too good to be true but isn’t”. Your perspective is very interesting. We all know that nothing great comes without hard work.

  93. Anonymous says

    Robert Gubezitrin , you say zeek screwed us. I don't feel that way. Burks and Co. had too much growth. perhaps they could have had worse communication in the last 6 months and thereby slowed growth.

  94. says

    George, I actually kind of agree with you. I don't think it is a Ponzi, and the federal government never proved it. Amway, Herbalife and others were accused of the same things. But unfortunately ignorant people condemn us because of the news reports not the facts. I guess those people still think that Amway is a Ponzi just because the federal government said they were. Stupid is a stupid does!

  95. says

    Hi Ray,

    You have passed on some BRILLIANCE I wish more network marketers understood!

    No one can build an empire based on Welfare Mentality!

    Excellent! Thanks for Sharing!


  96. says

    To everyone, enough already/ Zeek is done. Its on to the next and move on. Ray and I were never at odds with each other. I just had a disagreement with him on his choice of words. He agreed with me. Even if he didnt agree with me, I still love the guy. You don't have to agree with me on every subject. Ray is a great guy, I will make much use of his time in building my Numis business and all is well in the world.

  97. Greg Loo says

    Wow! I had three or four people wanting me to get into this as well. Hope SOME people got out before they lost it all.

  98. says

    Ray, you are so right in your analogy regarding Zeek Rewards. I was pitched countless times but I felt that the marketing that was applied was just to easy.

  99. says

    I am a part of Zeek Rewards and I am not offended. I am a go getter. It doesn't matter what company you are in. If you have the drive, positive attitude and faith you can go far. I look for people to be on my team even if they are low on funds. If they have little cash but lots of ambition they will do well. The law of wealth is the same for all others. DO, HAVE, BECOME.
    I am helping my Zeek friends and would enjoy seeing them have their every day bills paid.

  100. Greg Anderson says

    Great post Ray even if you’ve ruffled some feathers. As an accomplished marketer I think you’re perfectly entitled and well qualified to give your opinion on some marketing material and don’t deserve the thinly-veiled attacks on your own company or your own marketing in return. It’s pleasing to see some Zeekers here comment objectively during what must obviously be a difficult and disappointing time for them. I hope they are all able to stand back up, dust themselves off and push on with a new endeavour that inspires and fulfills them. I’m also glad I didn’t get involved a few weeks ago when someone shared the info with me. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with it, but it just didn’t resonate with me. I’m not a member of the “I told you so” club, because I simply I never thought so.

  101. Danielle White-Mangum says

    There is not just people that want to do nothing in Zeek there are people that have MLM and used it a cash funnel so they can keep the MLM running you need money for product , advertising, autoships I use my banners broker for a funnel for my MLM Vitel everybody knows working MLM can be slow moving for most and you want to do it and the autoships makes most people quit if it is taking time to get recruits. That is just keeping it 100. Don't agree with the article.

  102. steve says

    Just remember everybody. Banks operate in exactly the same way. yet they are legal???????????

  103. Al Wilson says

    I think if you have an IQ over 60 you should have been able to see PONZI/PYRAMID SCAM! Stay away from MLM!

  104. says

    Great post Ray. I too was prospected about Zeek. I am like you. I know nothing about Zeek and the penny auction arena, but I have always held firm to the belief that anything in life of value requires hard work and perseverance. That’s why I stayed away.

    What makes our industry great is the culture, the personal development, the mindset, and most importantly the relationships with high quality people.

  105. says

    I Beg To differ Mr Higdon. Even though I never joined Zeek Rewards, It cost SOMETHING to make something with Zeek. You have to put in your time, effort & money into it. Just like the Public views any MLM as a "Pyramid Scam" is the same way The Govt viewed Zeek as a Ponzi. Heck I've heard many disturbing rumors about Numis itself as a "Money Laundering deal" The fact that we don't agree with something may not mean its "Not Good" Zeeklers will find a new home & better leadership. There's always a pair of shoes for every feet.

  106. says

    I see your point Amber. My Only Question is …… what was Tim Ferriss Talking about when he presented "The Four Hour Work Week?" Isnt he attracting Lazy minded folks who want everything in exchange for nothing?

  107. says

    I see your point Amber. My Only Question is …… what was Tim Ferriss Talking about when he presented "The Four Hour Work Week?" Isnt he attracting Lazy minded folks who want everything in exchange for nothing?

  108. Andy B says


    I respect you and your ways of thinking and you seem to portray yourself as a Great Leader. I guess I don’t understand how you yourself were in forclosure and was devasted by being a real estate investor. How did you get yourself in that predicament? I guess you must have a made a few mistakes along the way? Sounds like you got taken. You must not have been doing the work necessary to make it work?
    Now, I am not going to be the one to judge here, because every single one of us have had multitudes of experiences that change our lives one way or the other. As a Zeek Rewards affiliate, I was specifically told not to spam, not to say that this was an investment. Not to portray any type of money deal here. There was actual training paid for by Zeek to instill in their people that this is a real business and we should treat it as such.
    Every single person I presented this to, I made sure to tell them it was not an investment and that the company would pay you a percentage of their profits for advertising their company thru legitimate online avenues.
    It was really an ingenious system that worked perfectly. I know it is hard to be jealous and not show it!! You would also not get paid if you did not place your ad for that day! This made EVERYONE Accountable to make sure they did their part to place ads online to promote customers to purchase bids online. The system was all set up for everyone who joined, you just had to follow the system. Everything was already prewritten and all of the directions well explained in great detail. I already work 11 – 12 hours a day at my job. I really didn’t want to talk to prospects all night long like I did for 10 other businesses that got me no where.
    Zeek had teams of Attorneys to make this business cross their t’s and dot their i’s. They tried to put in place all of the rules and regulations necessary to be an approved legitimate business for everyone. Whether you had $20 or $10,000. Everyone who participated in the advertisements were paid. Simple as that.
    The only reason the SEC got involved was because everyone was withdrawing their funds out of the public credit unions and banks to join a money maker. After all, the banks all got their share of the multi million dollar rebates. The bank excutives all got their million dollar bonues even after they were going bankrupt?? They were thinking that there should not be a way to make more money than us? This MUST be A SCAM!!

    In the end, I hope like hell that the SEC falls flat on their faces to find out that this opportunity was the best thing since sliced bread.
    If not, they should make damn sure that we all get our money back and not go in their POCKETS.

  109. says

    Great to read this…it just makes my feelings good. I was thinking same…they went for Zeek coz sounds EASY…they are not for building a legacy. Not mine at least. :-) What is pathetic, many burned again since Zeek…Thx for the article.

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