Why I am Attending The No Excuses Summit in Las Vegas

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Why I am Attending The No Excuses Summit in Las Vegas

no-excusesThere is an amazing 3 day event in Las Vegas in July coming up called the No Excuses Summit. This event is CHOCK-FULL of the Top Internet Marketers and Network Marking Samurais and this event has me more excited than probably any event I have ever seen. Stop right now and think of who you consider to be a powerful online marketer for Network Marketing and guess what, they will be at this event! Let’s review the lineup:

Mike Dillard – Name sounds familiar, I think he is big (LOL). He is the creator of Magnetic Sponsoring.

Brian Fanale – One of the founders of My Lead System Pro

Todd Falcone – Killer trainer, his scripts are known all over the network marketing world

Jonathan Budd – Internet marketing phenom

Jimmy Davis – Creator of MLM Goldmine

Katie Freiling – Stunningly gorgeous MLM ninja (I am part of her genius Unified Tribe)

David Schwind – Top earner in CCPro, has gone from waiting tables to making up to $150,000 per day

Mark Hoverson – THE MLM Guru Maker

Tim Erway – Co-Author of MLM Traffic Formula and website conversion specialist

Adam Holland – SEO juggernaut

Ferny Cebballos – MIT graduate and Internet Marketing genius

Raymond Fong – Co-author of the popular SEO Networker Mastermind

Joe O’Day – The Low-No Effort SEO’er

Justin Christianson – Was partners with Mike Dillard and a strong player in online marketing

Jim Yahgi – Pay per click Goliath

Cedrick Harris – The man, the myth, my brother from another mother, the best closer in MLM I have ever met

OK, are you salivating yet? If you are serious about marketing your network marketing business using the Internet, you will skip your mothers funeral, tell grandma you will celebrate her birthday next year and miss your daughters softball game to be there. There has never been an event for MLM like this one, EVER. You will do whatever it takes to be there.

So, why am I going?

As the number one income earner in my primary business, I don’t have to go. I could take the knowledge that I have right now and continue to make a great income but here are the reasons why I would be CRAZY not to attend (and you would be too)

1. To have all these kung-fu grip mlm guru’s in one place is special and may never happen again
2. I actually have 3, yes, 3, of the speakers IN MY TEAM for my primary business (how cool is that?)
3. There may be ONE TIP that takes my business to the next level. In the pursuit of the ellusive 7 figure month, this event may be just what my business and team need to get them all to the next level. You see, I am going to take tons of notes on action steps to take in my business and for my team. THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD ALSO ATTEND!
4. It’s Vegas

Las VegasOh yeah, I forgot one, they have negotiated a rate with the beautiful Venetian in Las Vegas for only $149 a night! I have stayed at the venetian and let me tell you I paid much more than $149 a night!

So, if you are serious about building your network marketing business using the Internet, I look forward to seeing you at the No Excuses Summit!

BTW: I do not even have an affiliate link to the tickets so I am not just promoting this to sell some tickets, I am promoting this so people understand what kind of opportunities are out there for them to take advantage of. I hope to see a lot of my team there as I know they will get some benefit. You can book your tickets, which, I know are selling like hotcakes at http://noexcusessummit.com/letter.php

There is no Recession nor lack of leads on the Internet, learn to grasp the tools and tactics that are available at your fingertips and like my good friend Cedrick says, I will see you at the bank!

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To Your Abundance!


Ray Higdon

Best Home Based Business, Period

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  1. says

    Ray –

    You seriously ROCK! Great post!

    What an amazing event this is going to be.

    To be a millionaire, you surround yourself with millionaires, right? So…
    this is the place to be!

    Thanks for sharing.

    ~Andie Petoskey

  2. says


    Great blog, I will also be at that conference in Vegas and think it is going to be great. You have so much great content it’s clear that you are a true leader. We connected on Youtube, then twitter and now Facebook which has led me to your blog. I look forward to reading more articles and hopefully catching up with you in Vegas!

    Vince Reed

  3. says


    As always, phenomenal content my friend!

    I booked my tickets for this as soon as I could possibly do it. It’s not often or EVER for that matter that all of these gurus have gotten together for one event.

    Look forward to seeing there! :)

    – Yo

  4. says

    Hey Ray!!

    I’ll be at the Summit as well! How could anyone pass it up?? I look forward to meeting you there!

    I also love the colorful language you used throughout your post! Very entertaining!

    I’m ready to learn some of those super-ninja secrets! :)

    Have an awesome weekend!


  5. says

    Howdy there,Terrific blogging dude! i am Fed up with using RSS feeds and do you use twitter?so i can follow you there:D.
    PS:Have you considered putting video to this blog posts to keep the readers more entertained?I think it works.Best regards, Arnold Suozzo

  6. says

    Hi Ray,

    It sounds like the most incredible ‘not to be missed’ event of the year.
    It’s a long way to go from Australia but I’ll look forward to your updates!
    I can’t wait to hear what you learn.



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