What To Do After You Return From an MLM Training Event

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What To Do After You Return
From an MLM Training Event

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Today I am leaving Vegas to head back from after speaking at the No Excuses Summit. I realize that a lot of times, more often than not, people that attend a big MLM training go home to more confusion on what are the next steps to help get them closer to their goals, this post will help.

The Day After the MLM Training Event

If you do any amount of social media or online content creation, the day after (or max 2 days after) the MLM training should have you share what you learned online via a video or perhaps a blog. This helps solidify what you learned and also, when you share, I would suggest stating what you plan on changing based on what you learned to help further own the information. The reason this is cool is no matter how many people were at the MLM training event, there were even more that were NOT there and you sharing your value with everyone is a powerful way for you to attract people to you.

MLM Training Should Never Confuse You

Be wary of your vocabulary. IF you say things like “I am overwhelmed”, “I am confused”, or “I am lost on what to do next”, then you HAVE to prove those powerful I am statements true. “I am” is a powerful charger to whatever comes after those two words, be very careful what you say. Don’t ever make statements with “I am” that are not serving you and your purpose.

mlm training

How to Effectively Use the Training from the Event

Take a look at your notes. Hopefully you took some action notes versus just knowledge notes (although, knowledge notes will help you with content creation). The ones that you can translate into actionable items you can take, write them down separately and then prioritize them. The dangerous ones will be the “research” ones. Here is what I mean..

Michael Masterson, in his book, Ready, Fire, Aim, says if you are making less than a million dollars a year, you need to focus on sales and income. MOST people in any industry would prefer to do non-income producing activities like research. We can tackle the research items but IF you truly need to make money, then, they cannot consume your time as it is so precious.

Take a look at the action items you came away with and label them, in order, on WHICH ONES WILL MAKE YOU THE MOST MONEY THE FASTEST. Then, concentrate your efforts on those first. IF they are daily items you should be doing each day like MLM prospecting or content creation then add them to your daily routine (if you want a more thorough example of what I mean, enter your name and email in the upper right hand corner of this website to download my suggested routine). For the research notes, which, probably will NOT product income right away, budget time for these. I would suggest no more than 10% of your available time you have to work your business. For example, if you have a fulltime job and are working your network marketing company part time, you might have 2 hours a day to work on your business, no more than 12 minutes of your time should be spent on research, again, if making money is high on your priority list.

If you take what you learned in the MLM training event and actually add in daily profit producing activities, you WILL have squeezed massive value from that event and will be a different person for the next one!

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  1. Roman Mamalyga says

    AS usual Ray awesome to the point content People , if you do nothing else all day spend 5 minutes with Ray ! You will be glad you did

  2. Tobi Liederman says

    It was an amazing group of speakers and a lot of great information. As usual your post is exactly what we need to hear after taking it all in. Thank you for this. Already getting started.

  3. says

    Great stuff Ray. I wish I could have been there to get the knowledge and meet the presenters first hand. I’ll be at the next one.

    Thanks for all the knowledge and mentoring you do.


  4. says

    This is awesome blog post, Ray. Thanks for sharing this as its a clear blue print of what you should be doing vs what you are doing. Some people like researching and it becomes a habbit. I think some have your formula in reverse. Research for 2 hours and take action for 12 minutes.lol Thanks again, this is valuable information.

  5. says

    Thanks Ray – very insightful as always. You have given me a piece to add to my process. I always get home and get in my quiet spot (sometimes a restaurant with free refills) and get a new steno pad. I label some pages like “books”,”Quotes”, “Websites”, “Golden Nuggets” and now I’ll add “Action Steps”. Then I go through my notes and rewrite the “important” nuggets that really hit me during the show.

    Thanks Again,
    Hale Yes!

  6. says

    It was an Awesome event… you rocked it! I took tons of action and knowledge notes and did not where to start, but now I know and will definitely take your advice. Taking the action notes first and turning that into some serious money! Can’t wait to party like a rock star again!! Thanks Ray!

  7. says

    Man, I write from Poland, I am not in your primary company (guess the are not open here in Poland), but I follow your content daily :). So powerful! Great job and keep rockin’!

  8. says

    NES3 rocked. If you couldn’t make it, buy the DVDs from Ray…the info you’re going to get is worth a fortune. BTW, great advice to not make statements with “I am” that are not serving you and your purpose. Thanks dude!

  9. says

    Neat to lay out the difference between research notes and action notes.

    Especially powerful that you point out the pit-fall of ‘I AM’ statements that do not uplift or improve.

  10. says

    Great thought Ray. I was actually struggling recently about what I should talk to people about. I forget that just telling people about what I learn is a great way to start.

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