What is the True Longevity of Being a Top MLM Leader?

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The Life Expectancy of a Top MLM Leader!

Ray Higdon Top MLM Leader

Speaking at Live the Dream 2

This week I finished my four part series on MLM Leadership and in the last session I covered this topic on the real longevity of being a top MLM leader. Read this blog and you will see why I believe this is the best industry and most sustainable income way to live your life.

Haven’t Some Network Marketing Companies Shut Down?

When I hear people talk about the network marketing industry that don’t “get it” they talk about how you have to “make hay while the sun shines” or “make it while it lasts” indicating that network marketing may not be a long term solution for income. I disagree. However, it also uncovers a particular strategy that the people that should be doing it aren’t and the people that are doing it, sometimes shouldn’t, and that is branding yourself as a leader.

Top MLM Leaders are Hot Commodities

You just would not know this unless someone in a leadership role shared it with you, an MLM leader is a hot commodity that is greatly pursued, perhaps now more than ever. I have been offered a $50,000 signing bonus, entire downlines, and 12 month contracts at a guaranteed $30,000 a month (I turned all those down by the way), but it shows that when you brand yourself as a leader AFTER you have performed and created impressive results, you will be hunted.

Let’s explore the alternatives to Network Marketing and their longevity

Sports Career – You get old, you get injured. This is truly a “Make hay while the sun shines” occupation

Sales – This is the “what have you done for me lately” occupation. Right now sales people are being screwed, at least in the United States. Here is the only profit creating division of a company (everything else is overhead as it is not directly involved in the sales of a product) and they are being income capped, losing territories, and have a monstrous amount of pressure on them to constantly perform. The salesman of the month could be out on the street next month.

Employee – The scaariest of the three in this economy. You have major competition nowadays, companies are shutting down every single day, and no matter how long you work for someone, you will never own your occupation as an asset. Robert Kiyosaki says “Why would someone work so hard for something they will never own?”

What if the Company Shuts down?

Well, here is the interesting part, no one ever plans for their company to be shut down and I believe your teammates understand that. If you have been a servant leader, did the right things, and something unexpected happens, your MLM team will want to follow you. So, in my opinion, network marketing has the greatest longevity plan of all occupations when you factor in the residual income that flows in whether you continue working the business or not.

Team of Top MLM LeadersWhere to go from here to become a Top MLM Leader

In one word, produce. Produce like your life depended on it (it does). Produce like your family depended on it (they do), produce like you don’t have all the time in the world to pursue your dreams (you don’t), produce.

Too many people are spending more time branding than they are producing. Too many people are writing more articles and blogs than they make in dollars per month. Your time management will dictate your velocity of success, once you produce, everything becomes easier. I would encourage you to incorporate a daily routine/regimen that includes a diet of prospecting, and picking up the phone more than just comfy content creation. Content creation is good, but by itself will take you a lifetime to actually create results. Produce and others will brand you the top MLM leader that you rightfully should be.

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  1. Kari Baxter says

    It’s interesting to me that you start off naming the virtues of branding yourself as an mlm leader but the solution to branding isn’t what most people think branding is.

    It’s not having your huge face on your blog or getting the most friends on Facebook. It’s production. Produce first, then branding (and getting known in this niche) will follow.

    It will never work the other way around.

    Great posts lately Ray. Love them all!

  2. says

    That’s what I’m learning you can get real caught up in getting ready to get ready to produce. Connecting with people should be your 1st priority. It’s the one I have learned through trainings with Ray are the paying activities.
    You can get Rays Sponsoring Secrets at: http://tour.mysponsoringsecrets.com
    Once again Kudo’s Mr. Higdon!

  3. says

    Keep Punching US in the Face Ray!! Produce and worry about the rest of the crap later. In fact, the rest of the crap will take care of itself after one has produced enough. If you have a question about how much you need to produce first, just keep producing and you will figure it out!

  4. says

    Great post, Ray. Not quite the same as hearing your passion on this subject in your Leadership Webinar, but good to have it in writing.

    Happy New Year!

  5. says

    Gees, every time I read your posts I feel like you are speaking to me, and only me. It’s crazy.

    I was thinking of the great Jim Rohn when I read this post. He produced until the last days of his life. Something an athlete will not be able to do.

  6. says

    As Kari stated Ray,

    You dispel the myths in this post that blogging, making videos and other passive marketing activites brands one as a leader. Results is what brands you as a leader in our industry.

    Best wishes,

  7. says

    This post makes a loot of sense. The central element for an MLM business is “people”. Become a great people person and as you said pick up the phone..make it a habit like breathing. Honestly I gravitated between taking some action(chating with people of skype or phone) and coming back to inactivity. But now something must change once and forever. Produce like your life depends on it. Thanks Ray for these great words. You inspire me to drop off the excuses and take massive action.

    Wish you an awesome new year!


  8. says


    I just completed Steve Jobs Autobiography at your suggestion on a webinar. You can add CEO to the list, they answer to the Board of Directors unless as Steve Jobs did you load them with your supporters, if you don’t you can be replaced. Yes production is the key and thanks for the reminder. Happy Skiing and New Year.

  9. says

    Hey Ray!

    I watched two of your webinars through MLSP yesterday and got a lot out of them. And yeah… I’m kinda guilty of the ‘comfy’ content creation syndrome… oh dear.

    Thanks man. You rock!! 😉

  10. says

    PRODUCE like your life depended on it.

    There you go…one sentence that answers all your questions gang.

    Everything else is TRIVIAL.

    I wrote a blog post recently that asked the question….

    Did you forget to make money today in your business?

    An awful lot of people do.

    Ray just cuts to the chase here…as he always does.

  11. says

    Hi Ray,

    Just do it, right?

    Nike knows. Top producers know it too. If you produce, you develop a buzz, you gain longevity. Because no matter what company you are with, if it shuts down, your team will *follow the producer*…they will be less concerned with the opportunity and more focused on the producer, who helped them prosper via the opportunity.

    Writing value-packed content is great. Drives a boat load of traffic to my blog. Interacting with people? Important too. People who read your blog and say “Nice post”, usually don’t join your team. I get a few of ’em…but the people who join your team are usually people you interact with, on the phone, or through social networks. If you want to prosper, engage, engage, engage, engage, interact, interact, interact.

    People who you connect with join your team. Connect with more folks interested in your opp daily, more people join your team, you produce, and your reputation momentum begins to take off.

    Thanks for sharing your insight Ray.


  12. says

    Thanks for cutting through the fog so well, as you always do.
    It seems that the best branding one can do is to have results. Without results, advice is just intellectual entertainment, and leadership is hollow.
    Motto for my business in 2012 – WWRD, What would Ray do !

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