The Danger of MLM Marketing Online

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The Danger of MLM Marketing Online

mlm marketing online

How much should you really promote MLM marketing online as, let’s face it, it is not nearly as duplicatible as the traditional methods of Network Marketing like talking to friends and family, etc. This post addresses the danger and offers suggestions to do it the right way.

How MLM Marketing Online Can Ruin Your Chances if Done Wrong

Maybe you are reading this post and thinking, has Ray lost his mind?!? What the heck is he talking about, he does online MLM, why is he bashing it? Well, let me clarify, IN MY OPINION, there are right ways and wrong ways to conduct MLM marketing online. And, what I see, more than anything else, is the wrong way being promoted.

What NOT to do when MLM Marketing Online

Who would you rather recruit into your network marketing company…a winner, a whiner or a wiener? Funny question right? Well, take a look at your marketing, which of the three would it attract? IF you are writing blogs or following MLM training online that pushes how people don’t have to pick up the phone, talk to their warm market or barely lift a finger, YOU ARE SETTING YOURSELF UP FOR FAILURE.

mlm marketing online

Missing my back patio (still in Az)

Online MLM Recruiting…all about expectations

When you write to the weak, you get them. If your MLM marketing online is marketed in a way that DISCOURAGES the tried and true methods that ALL successful network marketing companies have been built, NOT only are you setting up false expectations for the weak, you are ALSO TURNING OFF THE LEADERS! Here’s why…

Some of you using online mlm to lets say, write blogs, have had a leader see your blog, but you just don’t know it. The reason you don’t know is as soon as a leader sees you market something that would create false expectations for people they bring into your network marketing company, they run away and do NOT reach out to you.

The Art of Balancing MLM Marketing Online and Traditional Methods

Some of my very best builders are hardcore offline and traditional builders, I will NEVER naysay warm market or offline as it just works and quite frankly I believe it has a higher success rate than online MLM. Pretty strong statement right? Here’s why I think that, online MLM has been sold out of weakness rather than positioned properly. When someone is sold something that is push button and encourages them never to get on the phone, I believe there is a 99% chance that person, at the first obstacle, will quit. Here is my opinion on building network marketing…

You can Build Online or Offline But You Cannot Build a Long Standing Team Without Getting on the Phone

So, IF you are using online mlm methods, here are my two suggestions:

1. Is your marketing written to attract whiners and wieners and if so, start mixing in some prospecting or closing tactics to be used over the phone. Talk about someone you know that joined through warm market and DON’T continue with messages that attract the weak.

2. Mix in some traditional stuff in your daily routine. I recall being on a panel and asking Mike Dillard on stage in Vegas when someone should approach their warm market. If you don’t know, Dillard is the king of attraction marketing and really got MLM marketing online on the map. He replied, “When you don’t care if they sign up”, Amen. Be postured today and call a few of your warm market, who knows, they may be looking right now, see if they are open but DON’T be addicted to the outcome of them saying yes.

Hope this post helps you out, let’s all make the entire Network Marketing industry better by being REAL with our marketing and helping people find better ways of changing their life.

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  1. says

    Awesome post Ray! That is so true, I know someone that does most of his recruiting online and he sponsors huge numbers but he also loses huge numbers. I myself don’t want to bring in huge numbers if I am going to work with them and train them then they quit. I am working my warm market the most and still have an online presence as well. Thanks for your awesome posts!!


  2. says


    I signed up into your primary company with you for a reason – to learn these kinds of insights into how to attract leaders.


  3. says

    As always your insights are awesome. I couldn’t agree more that creating a duplicatable online marketing system is “difficult” at best. Folks like Mike Dillard and Ann Sieg have done it, but they build huge systems that most of us don’t have the expertise to build.

    Thanks again,
    Hale (Yes!)

  4. says

    Wow Ray, I love your thought process in this post!! It is so true if you are marketing to the weak people that are looking to push a button then that is what you’ll get. I think the same thing when sponsoring a person I always make sure I sponsor them with the knowledge that freedom in Network Marketing takes time but if they don’t get started today where will they be 2 years or 5 years from now? On the same dead end path! Anything worth having is worth fighting for for sure and your post just opened my eyes to another very important key to successful marketing online. Thanks Ray!! Your a hero!!

  5. Valdez says

    Thanks Ray timely message as I get started. Very helpful in planning my positioning and a nice reminder that you sew what you reap. Thanks again for taking my call early in the month and being available this really sets you apart. Your new Sacramento protege Valdez.

  6. says

    Hey Ray,

    This is very helpful and gives a great idea of how you should be in order to attract the right people. You attract certain people by the way your think and what you project. Thanks for this incredible post!

  7. says

    Thank you for the post Ray, I am building my online presence, and yet all my team is offline. When I meet people during the day, then they go online and watch all of my videos, they feel they got to know me and then we do business quicker. :-)

  8. says

    Very useful information here Ray. The biggest takeaway for me is to not promote push button recruiting and that you have to pick up the phone. I know that we are always talking about how you cannot just recruit people to be recruiting. We want to, and we are, building a long term business. That means recruiting strong people who will stick around and produce.

    The expectations is a huge thing. If the expectations do not meet the work load then they will quit. The bottom line is don’t give people false expectations, and make sure you stress that this is not an overnight success industry. The success comes from those who commit to sticking with it and being consistent with their efforts.

    Long reply but loved the post Ray, Thanks Again.

  9. Matt Lord says

    “When you write to the weak, you get them.” That is an awesome point and one that anyone involved in MLM or really any business should be aware of…you don’t attract sharks by fishing with grubworms!

    Great post Ray…

  10. says

    Interesting, I def understand what you mean about people watching your vids and getting to know you, you don’t do any offline but you get all offline people?

  11. says

    Soon, Ray! Right now, I’m going through your ProBlogAcademy course, and I must say, it’s the first info product I’ve taken notes on (and I have 10 more products in the back office of Magnetic Sponsoring alone!). Going through my blog, adding plugins I’m missing from your list, creating my Persuasion Shell, and identifying my Perfect Prospect.

    Don’t have any questions other than: do I need to submit a ticket to support to get my affiliate link? I’d love to share this with my list. =)


  12. says

    Ray, you just caused a lightbulb to go off — “If you write to the weak, that’s what you’ll get”.

    I just never thought of it in those terms, but its 100% correct.

    Gonna tweak my blogging tactics a bit to include off line as well. I’ve done it some but not enough.

    Thanks for the tip!

  13. says

    Every post of your comtains at least one gem Ray, if not more. This one had two, don’t promote to the weak and approach your warm market when you don’t care what the answer is!


  14. Nilmar Fejer says

    Amen to that! Need I say more? LOL. But seriously, you’re downright correct, Ray! I myself am a testament to have quit following and listening to leaders who preach nothing but ‘do it the ‘online’ way’. I wouldn’t worry too much. I listen to and follow you now.


  15. Bart Hungenaert says

    Great tips Ray Higdon! Especially on how so many people attract the wrong people without even knowing it :)

  16. says

    Hitting the spot right on Ray!! So many people write how easy online MLM is and neglect the relationshipbuilding process! It’s all about value and connecting with the right people who do instead of wish!! Awesome post!

  17. Todd Miller says

    Thumbs up on this post Ray. I love reading your articles. Always something I can take away.

  18. says

    That was a great article. There are far too many People telling their prospects that they do NOT need to call leads or have great offline skills – Baloney! Online marketing is a TOOL (a great tool) But, if you want to be a winner and succeed you Must master the networking/marketing skills which require you to deal with people.

  19. says

    Hey Ray, I am looking forward to the next components of the Pro Blog Academy. Wanted to ask you what the facebook plugin called which is showing your page posts on the right and also the plugin which says connect with me – links to you tube etc?

    Thanks a mill you have inspired me to get my Blog into some much needed action :-)

    Amanda x

  20. says

    Thanks Ray,

    There needs to be more said about the futility of generating leads for lead’s sake.

    It’s fine to build a list and talk to them, but some filter is necessary or, like you point out, you’ll be spinning your wheels with the wrong people.


  21. says

    Hi Ray,

    I’m glad I found your blog. In the offline world Dale Calvert was my ultimate mentor but in terms of blogging for business it is you. :)

    You are right about the duplicable business. There are 3 percenters who will do the business even if I die but not counting the 70% who will always blame someone else for everything there is that 27% who would do anything but they don’t have the guts.

    This is when a step by step system becomes crutial. Don’t get me wrong. I’m also on the 27% and I’m really happy when I find simple systems I can follow in my daily routine.

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