The #1 Thing That Keeps The Poor From Ever Becoming Rich

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The #1 Thing That Keeps The Poor From Ever Becoming Rich

There’s a peculiar thing that people do that separates them from ever becoming rich. This is such a common trait to have that most don’t even recognize it’s destruction. It comes as naturally as watching TV after work to them. It comes as naturally as looking forward to clocking out when the clock hits 5’o’clock as surely everyone else does right? This 1 thing will prevent them from ever changing their financial situation. This blog is going to expose this 1 thing.

How you view the rich will dictate if you are ever to become one of them

When you read a story about someone that is rich, do you immediately look for reasons to not like them? Do you declare to others that is was luck or that their fortune was gained through some devious act or set of acts? If you naturally focus on what negative you can find about a rich person, you will never become one.

Poor mindsets cannot fathom that simple hard work could make someone rich

Here are some sample statements that poor mindsets state that will keep them where they are:

“He/she’s just lucky”

“Oh sure, anyone could do that if they had his/her upbringing”

“Yeah, wonder what he/she did to get there though”

“I just think there’s more to life than just money”

The same people that make these statements would plop $49.97 down for a “How to get rich quick” book. As long as you see negativity in those that are doing well, you will never do well financially. As long as you separate yourself from them, you will continue to create that gap. ****For more on this topic, read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged (also happens to be my favorite book)

The poor mindset can never believe that someone ACTUALLY deserves to be rich. That is incomprehensible to them. Now, subconsciously, this causes irreparable damage. Think about it, if someone despises the rich, will that ever compel them to become rich? For every excuse the poor mindset can generate, there has been a person worse off that has done better. There has been a person that has done more with less. But, the poor mindset again, simply cannot fathom that hard work can make someone rich. That is why the poor stay poor.

How Should You Think About the Rich or fortunate?

Understand that SOME people have worked very hard and deserve to be rich, however, it is a waste of energy and effort to spend time determining if they deserve it or not. If someone has something you desire and currently do not have, have gratitude for them, be thankful that someone is doing good. This is a great strategy if you currently don’t have a lot of things to be grateful for.

Study them

Find out what they did to become rich…and do it. In every success you will find they had lots of failures in their past, they just kept going. You won’t find an extraordinary amount of excessive talent but you will find a certain attitude. The attitude that they are going to succeed no matter what. The knowledge that poor mindsets around them will tell them they can’t do it, but they do it anyway. My good friend Robert sent me this video below that I really, really like. I hope you enjoy it as well.

“Successful people form the habit of doing what failures don’t like to do. They like the results they get by doing what they don’t necessarily enjoy. “

— Earl Nightingale

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  1. says

    Thanks for that Ray! Even though I am not rich by any means, I know that someday I will be because I know that I am definitely on the right track.

    When it comes to mindset I think that it is hard to change it when you are surrounded by the poor mindset people. That is one reason why I joined our Numis team because I knew I would be surrounded by the successful and that would fuel my desires to be wealthy.

    Mindset does not change overnight but we can definitely do things that will change it. Then tah dah! We are rich :)


  2. Dean Rose says

    You nailed it Ray dead on! I remember hearing some of these sayings when I was a kid. WOW….Thanks for sharing this info. I know several people who are going to get this post NOW!


  3. says

    I love this post Ray!

    I know several people who are very cynical about anything when it comes to money.

    – “Everybody wants my money.”
    – “Everything on the Internet is a scam.”
    – “No body gets rich if they are honest.”

    etc., etc.

    This kills their potential to ever acheive any sort of wealth. Why? Because their integrity stops them. If they really believe all those negative things, then how could they do anything to create wealth and do it with integrity? So they can never move forward.

    In order to move forward, they have to completely change their mindset and beliefs towards the wealthy.

    Great post Ray. Cool video too.

    ~ Michael Novak

  4. says

    Great article Ray and head on with your examples.

    A couple of months back someone had told me that a mutual Friend had just purchased a house on Captiva for $2.6M and that the property taxes are $22K…my Friend said to me: “Can you imagine paying $22K for property taxes?” I said, “Actually, YES I CAN” …they were somewhat perplexed with my response and said, “You can?” …. “Yes I can,knowing I can pay and not have to pay” My mindset is aligned with where my success is going.

    Another example is…last year someone I know spent a week with their Family at the Atlantis. I asked them “Why didnt you tell me you were going there?’ they said “Well, I didnt want to make you feel bad knowing your current situation?” I said, “Please are you serious, I am so happy for you and your Family to be able to experience such a wonderful time”…..once again, another perplexed person not understanding how and why I feel this way.

    Ray, I know with the mindset that I personally have and nurture everyday, there is no stopping the success that is in my future.

  5. says

    The other side of this is: if you’re disparaging rich folks, you’re discriminating against the people that can actually afford your goods and services. Not a good mindset.

    Our company’s best market is the affluent, and they become our greatest raving fans. By they way, our wealthy clients have all made their money themselves, and appreciate quality craftsmanship and customer service. They deserve to be rich, they deserve our quality product, and we deserve to get their business.

    In the end, you get what you give. And our clients are always ready with advice and some of them are active mentors to us and our company.

  6. says

    Hey Ray!

    I just did a video entitled “You have to be there in order to get there” which basically explains the same premise of your post! Talk about synchronicity!:) I couldn’t agree more with this post and I loved what the video had to say! Thank you so much for keep me inspired and reminding me that I am rich!!


  7. says

    Unfortunately the so-called “rich” are demonized by the media and other outlets by the way they talk about being “rich” But being “rich” is also a matter of perspective on one’s own situation.

    I think everybody wants to be rich, like you say to one degree or another, but fail to grasp the path. They focus on the ‘how to’s’ and not what they ‘really’ want, which is freedom.

    Freedom to live on a beach, take a vacation, to be their own boss, spend time with family.

    It takes commitment, willingness to do the work and time.

    See you at the top!

    Robbie Johnson
    Home Business Revolution Underground

  8. says

    Very Nice post Ray! I think the first time I had heard this concept was Harv Eker’s “Secrets of the Millionaire mind”. Great book to read and listen to by the way. The best part about your post was the “Study Them” Section. My wife and I always want to know what the successful and wealthy do; what kind of business they are or were in and how long did it take to get them where they are now and especially to learn where they failed and how they rose back up.

    I think we have started seeing the common elements among the rich now. Consistent, never give up, generous, helpful to others, action oriented individuals, value their network, masters of leverage and much more.

    Thanks for the post Ray. Always great to read your content.

  9. says

    This is a great way of explaining it. I had many of those beliefs (about the rich)…and am now in the process of reconditioning my mind :)

  10. says

    Right On Ray !

    Experience follows thought.

    So a lot of people think Rich people must be crooked, liars, cheats…
    I know these are thoughts I use to have about 95% of Rich people.

    Then I realized some of them are Really Awesome people, people that give to others, share value that changes peoples Lives.

    It was after that that I started making mid range six figures a year.

  11. says

    GREAT Post and Video Ray!

    It’s so true that the biggest obstacle many people have in getting what they want is between their ears and their lips.

    If people can get that right and believe in themselves and stop trying to put others down or discredit their success, the sky’s the limit!

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

  12. says

    Hello Ray, another great article. Most of the time people are there own worst enemy, or there biggest asset. Our thinking controls every thing we do. If you want to be an eagle you have to fly with the eagles, otherwise you will sleep with the buzzards. Most people just muddle along and except what life has given them. This is sad, but try to change them and you get your head handed to you on a platter. Thanks Ray, Andrew Gallop

  13. says

    Hello Ray, Being rich doesn’t have to ba a bad word. I personally knew one of the richest men in the state of Miss. He has passed on but he left his family a national cloth distribution,system, thousands of acres of Miss. land and seceral hunderd acre orange grove close to Arcadia, Fl. He started it all by selling cloth store closeouts out of the back of a car. He didn’t cheat,steal or lie his way to the top. He got it the hard way, he worked for it. Richard

  14. says


    As usual, another great post. I also love the book: Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. Another great book that you can pick up for around ten bucks is “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joesph Murphy published by Penguin Classics. Thanks!

    John Rothstein

  15. Alvan says

    Hi Ray:

    Your comments are on track. However, there may be on element missing.

    I refer you to a book written by Neville Goddard. Titled “At your command”

    It has been reprinted by Dr. Joe Vitale.and available at dr. Joes websit MrFire.

    Neville states that the poor are poor because they want to be poor.

    The rich are rich because they want to be rich.

    Both categories are where they are because that is where in there mind they are “being”.

    Until the poor can see themselves “being” other that poor, they will remain poor.

    Wealth begins as a vision desired, an internal process. Every person’s conception of

    himself is going to be his reward.

    Life makes no mistakes and always gives man that which man first gives to himself.

    That is how you got that magnificent car.


  16. Jay Buerman says

    Great video Ray. These types of videos are really helpful in adjusting my mindset. Another one I like on YouTube is 212 Degrees. My user name for my websites is jdb212. It helps to remind me what that one extra degree can do. I still have along way to go, but I have know doubt I’ll get there. Thanks!

  17. says

    Hi Ray,

    Great article! I am going to have to pick up the book Atlas Shrugged since I have seen my favorite rich person mention it quite a few times. 😉
    You are a great provider of inspiration and training for those of us climbing the ladder to success!

  18. says

    This is so true. Most people who are not successful blame others. The government, the rich, Bill Gates, Buffett, banks etc. Yes the system is screwed up but it is way beyond anyones control. Control what only you can control today. The world won’t stop because your so upset at it.

  19. says

    This is a great post! So many times you hear about rich people, but it’s NEVER in a good way. To be a good person, means that you have to be poor. How ridiculous is that??

  20. says

    That video is the best Ray! I found that video on youtube months back and used to listen to it every morning… I then made an mp3 version and I run with it in my headphones. Felix Dennis is Awesome!

  21. says

    That was a very interesting video. I don’t glory in other people’s weaknesses and it does appear that this man was not so studious as some. I have also noticed that education does not determine success or prosperity. Success occurs when you see the odds against you and you confront them with determination to NEVER give up! I know this idea… I have given into many wrong mindsets at moments but somehow i come up above the water and take another big breath and keep swimming! I will succeed. I am determined to continue on until I am satisfied that I have what I am after!

  22. says

    Couldn’t agree more with your article Ray. When you look at someone with more experience and wealth than yourself, your approach should be… how can I join them.

    What work, skills and attributes do i need to develop. Rather than trying to shoot them down. Successs needs to be admired, then we are all going in the right direction.


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