Our Stay at South Seas Resort on Captiva

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Our Stay at South Seas Resort on Captiva

Make Sure you Watch the Video, it's awesome!

Make Sure you Watch the Video, it’s awesome!

Just got back from a lot of fun at South Seas Resort on Captiva, check out the video we shot and gonna share some staycation tips.

Where is South Seas Resort?

We live in South Ft Myers, really close to Estero and Captiva is at the end of Sanibel, it’s maybe 30 minutes from us so technically this was one of our staycations. We love staycations, highly encourage you to do them if you can. The total cost for this trip was less than $1,300 and for that amount in MOST cities you can have a lot of fun and it’s rejuvenating.

Some Tips if you Want to do Stay-Cations

Attend charity auctions. Right now not everyone has additional money to spend, if you do, attending charity auctions where they do silent bids or anything auction like may get you a good deal. It also goes to a good cause usually and it is a tax write off. We got a two day stay at South Seas resort, one bedroom villa, for only $300, normally it is $400 a night. It’s good to attend charity functions anyway as usually there are some cool people to chat with at these functions.

Fishing was Awesome in Captiva!

Jess boasted the biggest catch, a 27 inch trout!

Jess boasted the biggest catch, a 27 inch trout!

We were celebrating weekend number two of my sons 15th birthday so we chartered a boat and hit the fishing poles!

Jess dominated with not only the two biggest fish caught but also the most amount of fish. We all had fun though and the best part, which is the end of the video below, was the dolphins chasing and jumping after our boat, truly one of the coolest things I have ever seen.

We Love Free Vacations!

I sometimes forget to mention that we get free vacations all the time. Our network marketing company has a program that once you hit a certain rank they give you $1,500 EACH MONTH toward vacations. The money rolls over if you don’t use it but trust me, we use it lol. Big thanks to the peeps at my company for having an awesome program!

Video: Dolphins, Sunsets and More!

To Your Abundance!

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  1. says

    Great place to enjoy almost everything. Did you find time to eat at the Bubble Room? It was always fun because of the atmosphere and it was one of our favorites. We had a timeshare on Sanibel Island for about 7 years and thoroughly enjoyed the island life. Even on the golf course, we had to share a few holes with the crocodiles. Your pictures brought back a lot of good memories. Thanks for the memories. I would also agree with your assessments of the stay-cations mainly because it gets you away from the "work" environment and also gives you and your family time to enjoy a togetherness without the familiar home environment. Thanks for sharing.

  2. says

    We did, funny you mention that, I meant to add that. I am NOT a big fan of their food but everyone loved the dessert, service and atmosphere

  3. says

    What a fun time you must have had. Your videos were the best. Just curious. What kind of camera are you using? Catching those fish, made me sad in a way. I love fishing and haven't been for 6 years since my husband passed. How far out were you? It seemed to take you quite awhile to get back. The dolphin were so awesome. Thanks for sharing. Fun times. Fun memories. And that is what life is all about. Making great memories.

  4. says

    Man – I love Captiva… actually would like a place there some day…my daughter Hannah Oresteen and I had a great time there in 2010. Ray, let me know if you might be interested in a Captiva picture or two…check out my site and click on Florida Seascapes & Birds…I already have got so much value from your "freebies" ("29 Sources" & "Vibrational Money") I feel I should recipricate.

  5. says

    That looked like so much fun, really enjoy you sharing your life with us Ray. It always cements in for me what’s possible with hard work and focus!

  6. says

    We let the big one go as she was a female, most of them got thrown back and the captain kept a few. We were right out in the bay off Captiva. Using a panasonic waterproof lumix

  7. Gary Akin says

    thanks for sharing Ray. Looks like a great place. Great to be able to come and go when you please. Love the flexibility this business offers.

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