Newest MLM: The Next Big Thing

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Newest MLM:
The Next Big Thing

newest mlmWhoa nelly is this thing hot! It would be crazy for me not to jump all over this newest MLM and share with you what is absolutely the next big thing in our industry. This is going to seriously blow some of you away!

Don’t Miss Out on THE Next Big Thing!

This thing is hot. People from all walks of life are making money hand over fist, stories of people from all ages and all backgrounds are doing amazingly well and it’s a total no-brainer! To say this newest mlm is going to grow like crazy would be an understatement.

Great Comp Plan for This Newest MLM!

The compensation plan is straight sick! When you bring in customers or representatives, you get paid for life! All you do is rely on the tools and follow the coaching and you will be successful! You ARE going to see this newest MLM ALL OVER social media and you would be CrAAzzYYY not to do your best to get the word out!

newest mlmOK, so, you are surely wondering, Ray, what is this newest MLM? It is cutting edge training? It is another cellphone deal? Or could it be anti-aging or shakes? Are you sure you are ready? You do realize I have NOT promoted a new MLM since July of 2009 right? OK, well, the newest MLM, the next BIG THING is…the company you are already involved in.

That’s right, sorry to burst your bubble but it is true. You can have massive success with the company you are already in, standing where you are, with your existing story and materials, if you choose to.

Make YOU the Next Big Thing

Do you know why I know that you can be successful wherever you are? Because this past Saturday I did a call sharing my story of how I became the number one income earner in my company and I shared that when I started, we:
– Barely had any marketing materials
– Didn’t have online videos
– Didn’t have business cards
– Didn’t have a great story
– Didn’t have an “app”
– Didn’t even have success stories

(by the way, if you want, you can listen to the replay here)

All we had was our energy and passion and you can have those whenever you CHOOSE. Keep in mind “wherever you go, there you are”, so when you think jumping to another company will make everything better, remember that you take yourself with you and the work ethic and attitude you had in your past company will also arrive in the new company.

Share this post and comment below if you love your company and KNOW you can be a success story from right where you stand!

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  1. says

    Great post and just for a fraction of a second Ray I thought you were going to disappoint me and actually promote something else. Love your dedication and single mindedness, it is so refreshing nowadays.


  2. George Lugo Jr says

    Hey Ray,
    It didn’t surprise me when I reached to the end of your blog post to see that you haven’t jumped to a new company. I appreciate the great advice that you wrote and you are absolutely right. Stay focused and you will have a story!
    Thanks Ray
    George Lugo

  3. says

    So true Ray! Like Jeff Olson says in The Slight Edge, Mastery begins with the first step and you can choose to take that step at any moment! Your success is dependent on YOU. If you fail, it's your fault. If you succeed, it's your fault.

  4. Tina Schraier says

    I knew you weren't going to promote a new shiny object loool, I am responsible.
    I " jumped " aboard because of your leadership along with Diane Hochman's.
    In it for the long haul because I know where we are going.
    We are going to the moon.
    Thank you for all you do and for your and Jessica's leadership Ray.
    I know I chose a winning team. Yes wherever you go there you are,, and I am glad I am here with my team :):) The time is now, and I am holding on to my hat.

  5. says

    Good morning Ray,

    my heart skipped a beat and I was thinking, “oh, he’s not going with another company??” I love the company I’m with and I KNOW I can be a success story from right where I’m standing!

    Thanks for the words of encouragement and sharing your wisdom and knowledge with us. God bless!


  6. says

    That was awesome. I knew by the title what this was about and absolutely love it. There’s literally a “deal of the day” all over facebook, it’s so annoying.
    If we don’t change, nothing will change, so you’ll see the same results in any company you go to if you don’t change!

    I wrote about the “shiny object syndrome” recently which is a bit along the same lines.

    Thank you for the incredible and valuable info Ray!

  7. says

    Great post Ray. So true. Wherever you go; there you are. Might as well make the most of it.
    With optimism, energy, a positive team, a great company and comp plan, and a DECISION to be your best wherever you are will put you on the path to success. And it just feels a whole lot better when you try your best, putting effort towards a simple plan and seeing steady growth and success. Once you get moving its easy to keep going.

  8. says

    Awesome post, Ray. Thanks for not disappointing us by promoting the newest MLM out there. I like how you put a spin on it and basically promoted all the other MLM companies out there. If someone has had success in your company then you can have it to. It all boils down to your work ethic and belief.

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. says

    Great post champ.
    Indeed when we are laser focus to one company we are building a business to last a life time , not a lunch time.

    Best regards


  10. says

    This was just what I needed to hear today, thanks, Ray. And I enjoyed listening to that call. Learned a lot, and was reminded of a lot. You really have it going.

  11. says

    Are you really suggesting people stay with the company they are in or would you like for them to join yours?

    It’s called “the grass is always greener” syndrome.

    The truth is most people don’t really want to jump around. I believe many people just lack a sense of direction and a strong commitment. They also want to see RESULTS. Unfortunately unless you have a strong commitment and a strong WHY… you will never see results. I thought the first company I joined years ago was the right one. I was with them for 10 years. Bought every product… went to every convention. Something was missing… ME! I didn’t have a strong enough WHY and apparently I wasn’t ready for the journey at the time. It’s taken years for me to find a company I can call home.

    I look at yours too Ray… but it wasn’t for me.
    People will always be looking until they find their home!

    The grass is not, in fact, always greener on the other side of the fence. Not at all. Fences have nothing to do with it. The grass is greenest where it is watered. When crossing over fences, carry water with you and tend the grass wherever you may be.
    — Robert Fulghum

  12. says

    Ray, this article is so awesome! I was just saying the other day to a friend, that where ever you go, there you are. YOU are the only constant in your life. Learn to work with what you have and go for it! Thanks for writing this…it made me chuckle this morning!

  13. says

    I’ve been away most of the summer, vacationing some, sick some. Just getting my focus, accountability, and commitment back again. In reading your article, I got just one more kick in the… head… that it’s always me. Thanks, Ray.

  14. says

    I totally knew this was a set up. lol! It would be out of your character to promote the newest, next big thing MLM. : ) This article really lines up with something Jim Rohn use to say. Don't pray for things to get easier; pray for you to get better.

  15. says

    Great post Ray, love this one. I am in my first MLM and I can count the number of leaders that have been in the next hottest thing after another. So many people are chasing the shiny object instead of working on the Man or Woman in the Mirror. Imagine if they put together a resume as in the corporate world. Nobody would work with them or give them the time of day. Build a real business as Ray suggest not just looking for another quick paycheck.

  16. says

    Thank you for sharing this, it is encouraging. I have not seen success yet, but I know I will at some point. I already know that I won't quit until I see it, but sometimes encouragement like this really helps also.

  17. says

    When I got the email about the new program, I was
    flabbergasted. Isn’t he in a 90 day blitz with his
    company? Glad to see the dedication and support of
    your company and the industry.

  18. says

    I thought for sure in the beginning Numis was getting ready to lose it's top earner the way this post started out. Great headline it really sucked me into reading the whole thing.

  19. Adrienne Saunders says

    This was great today Ray! People are always looking for something new when if they would just commit the time and energy to what they are already doing it would be as successful as the shiny and new project seems. Thanks for sharing!

  20. says

    Hi Ray,

    I loved your post because it gave me one of those ahhhhh got ya moments. I love it when I get those. I was simply reading along then you pop out with the next best thing is what you have now lol boom! I love the way you think.

    Keep up the wonderful work you inspire me every post.

    Susan Boston

  21. says

    HEY You Silly One ! When I received you e-mail today saying you were promoting another MLM I almost deleted this But then I had a funny feeling you were going to pull something like this. SO Here I am & I was right.. Chery :)

  22. says

    In the last two weeks I have learnt what you said is true. You and JBudd and Mark Hoverson, Daegan Smith. You all have the ability to unplug people and set them free by coaching, supporting, speaking the truth. Showing that the pathway ahead of each of us has to be trodden by us and we have to toil to make it work. No one else can do it for us.

  23. says

    Way to say what needs to be said Ray. It is amazing how people chase after the next great big thing expecting it to solve all there problems when in the end they need to work on themselves and there marketing.

  24. says

    Man, I got sucked in too like Justine! LOL! I was getting ready to pounce all over you Ray, and I was even salivating with anticipation, rubbing my hands together thinking, I got him now! But NO! You busted my chops and that was that. 😉 Anyway, right, but unfortunately you get way too many people online who either way over hype their deal, or are promoting a different affiliate program or other Network Marketing Co. every week it seems and never get a clue about getting a clue. :0) Anyway, well said. Ciao. HF

  25. says

    Hey Ray,

    You know that I read this post while out of town on my cell phone, and I got to tell you it was rock solid then and after reading it again, its still rock solid content! I think that every “bouncer” that is in the industry should read this!

    What do I mean as a “bouncer” – you know the type, that bounces from program to program to program, and oh yeah, to another program, and then swears none of them work. The problem is that most if not all of them work, it is just they never give the time for the system to work, and they jump ship, or “bounce”.

    It is really bad in marketing strategies as well, I think that someone should really give one strategy at least 90 days, every day taking action 90 days to see if a strategy will work form them.

    As always love the post! Keep it coming!

  26. says

    Great article. Remember The Wizard Of Oz It's about your personal power, with in. Yeah The next biggest thing is who ever you are. It's the common denominator add a little.
    truth, excitement and emotional inner strength and your good to go!

  27. says

    Hi ,my name is Isaac i noticed you are in the network marketing group? i love the profession.
    What company are you with?,how long have you been in it?,where are you from.

  28. says

    Great article and so true.

    The most difficult thing about our Industry is the abundance of choice that is out there. It can be hard to find the right business that a person can really put their heart into, one that truely suits them.

    Once a person finds what they really want to do they then their vocation becomes their vacation.

  29. says

    Hi Ray,

    This is so true, and this is why we should break the cycle of failing out of 1 company and into another!!

    Thanks for sharing and thanks for the mp3 file.



  30. Colette says

    Loved the post and the concept. It is so true so many jump ship too often and find thAtbone company is pretty much like the other for them

  31. Steve Bryson says

    I knew where you were going with this, but have to admit it caused me a twinge of nervousness because so many I have worked with have “jumped ship” for “the next best thing” But I am with you Ray! I know that my only excuse for not having success is that guy I see in the mirror every morning; and the only move to make is to step aside and let the guy inside do what he knows is right! (maybe a bit too metaphoric? Translation: stop trying to be what I’m not, learn to use what I have, change the parts “I” don’t like, and learn what “I” need to do to be successful WHERE I AM)… So, for better or worse I am HERE, I’m Staying “HERE” and I WILL BE SUCCESSFUL HERE…Thanks for all you do Ray!

  32. says

    Great message Ray! So true. I heard John Maxwell say it this past weekend… No matter where you go, there you are! We have to work on ourselves and become the next big thing! Love it!

  33. says

    Spot on Ray. There’s nothing quite like picking a company and sticking with it for the long haul. Jumping around does nothing but make the companies rich. All successful distributors typically stick with one company for a long period of time. All the best.

  34. says

    Ray Higdon, I have just found your site and it has very interesting information, especially the new big thing-ME. I love it,
    I am a struggling blogger and affiliate marketer having the same trouble most newbies have, no traffic and no buyers. My blog is at and my website for affiliate marketing is I know you don't have time to check these out, but if you have a minute, see what I have to offer. A link to my site would be helpful also.
    Allen Jenkins

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