Near Car Crash, Son Sick, But Everythings Gonna be Alright

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Near Car Crash, Son Sick,
But Everythings Gonna be Alright

everythings gonna be alright

Was almost in a big car accident this morning, my son is sick but ya know what…everythings gonna be alright, for me, and for you!

This Morning…

So I wake up to my son being sick and that certainly is bad news, but the fact that I work from home and have the freedom to spend all day with him, is cool. We will probably watch some movies and just chill.

Driving to the gym this morning I hear some crazy brake squealing, horns and other car noises just to look up in my rear-view to see a car spinning out of control toward me! My heart was racing and it was pure chaos. Fortunately I avoided the accident but unfortunately it looked like some people got pretty badly injured.

Everythings gonna be alright.

Video: How I KNOW Everythings Gonna be Alright!

There you have it. There are always things to be grateful for and I am grateful to you! If you feel this might lift the energy of someone, please share it around and as always, appreciate anyone that takes the time to drop me a note in the comments. Go out and make it an awesome day!

To Your Abundance!

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everythings gonna be alright

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  1. Lynn Holly says

    Fabulously uplifting blog. So sorry your son is sick and you endured such a scare – but LOVE the attitude of not only enduring, but overcoming! Fabulous life lesson for those who see difficulty in everything rather than seeing opportunity for growth in the difficulties!

  2. says

    Well thank goodness you are ok and you weren't in the crash. But I am sorry your son is sick! But hey, like you said, you get to spend some time with him and run your awesome business at the same time. How cool is that!

  3. says

    Thank you again for sharing, happy you are Ok and pray for those that are hurt. Hopeing your son is well soon. Your intro music – where from – Lots of Love from Texas – Looking forward to meeting you and Jessica this weekend in Dallas – Like I always tell my grandchildren – Be Good and Have Fun!

  4. Kenneth Scripa says

    Thanks Ray that encourages me, glad your ok. Hope your son feels better soon! I chant NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO, a Buddhist chant it protects my life brings out our enlightened nature. There's no conflict with other beliefs. Our website is sgi-

  5. says

    Find my self coming over to your blog more often. Always good to read.
    Never forget to be thankful and never to give up…Thanks for the reminder:)
    Good to hear that you are safe.


  6. Adrienne Saunders says

    Glad you're okay and hope those behind you will make it through. Thanks to your inspiring ways I am a better more consistent believer that "Everything is going to be alright!". Hope your son feels better soon, the greatest joy of working from home is the time spent with my daughter. When I was working people could never understand why I needed those days off; crazy right!

  7. Cindy Donohue says

    :-) Like Icing on the Cake! Perfect Timing…
    Your Spontaneous, Unexpected Content always holds 'something good'…
    When you talked about the 'out of ordinary' being okay, a Thought came to mind from a Quote I saw a while back…
    "At First, They'll ask You Why You're Doing It…Later, They'll ask You How You did It…" :-)
    This reminds me of the Dream Stealers we all have in our lives, no matter how they are related to us, personally or professionally…Funny, when we become successful, which people will 'truly' happy for us 😀

  8. Salvatore Levatino says

    Wow, strong message. Years ago I taught a course one on one in a prison for long term violet offenders. This gentleman I was dealing with seemed completely detached and was only there for " program points". I figured I wasn't even making a difference and many times had to drag myself there, but I always showed up with my game face on. Many years after that the director of the program approached me and told that very same person who I thought was a lost cause had told her how much of a positive experience our time had been, that it had changed his outlook. Your right Ray, you never know who watching. I had long forgotten of that story. Thanks for reminding me, it made my day.

  9. says

    What a way to start the day. Days like this will and have happened to all of us and probably will happen again. It is how we deal with adversity that counts.

  10. Cindy Donohue says

    :-) Yes, your heart was racing through the phone… John just got home & I had him watch this video… He felt your message, it really follows along with our Growth right now…We are going through a great change soon & we feel 'Uncomfortably Confident'…revised video coming soon :-) Thank you, Coach!

  11. says

    Wow Ray,

    You did it again, I was just sitting here trying to get myself to make some scheduled calls that people are looking forward to for my business. I was sitting here stuck, not sure exactly why, but stuck.

    Thankful to have gotten this right when I did, I’m jumping back in, see you this weekend.

    I’m also thankful for you, that you are standing in as a Dad should, and that you were not hurt in the wreck today.

    God Bless you and your family Ray,


  12. says

    I love your videos! For someone not in this industry for very long, these viidoes are uplifting and I thank you for giving back! Thanks to you, I get great training to further my experiences. You can never learn enough – you make it seem so easy but you also follow through with the how! God bless you!

  13. says


    Glad you didn’t get hurt buddy. I am sorry for those who did get hurt. I have been in my share of wrecks I’m afraid. I always hate to see one happen to anybody.

    You are right. Always be grateful and always keep moving. You only dig out of a rut if you are digging. I believe that as well.

    I look forward to Orlando.

    Scott Moore

  14. Jay Harris says

    Hey Ray. Great post today! Yes. Things can happen to us in a moment of time & it is how we respond is more important than the issues in life. Harv Eker talks about this in his book; Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. He says if you are a level 4 (1 out of 10) person with a level 6 problem then you will have trouble. But if you are a level 10 person with a level 6 problem-then no problem! Our attitude is everything. BTW, I am working on the level 10!
    God bless you,

  15. says

    Another great message Ray! Please don't ever think your messages are 'not important' so I 'wonder if there is any value of doing a video today!' Please let me say, you cannot imagine how important your videos and other messages are. It is so uplifting to hear from positive people that it has to rub off with other people and your messages greatly assist me in anything I undertake to do. As you know I have been incapacited for the last seven months and there were days when it was physically impossible to sit in front of the computer for more than 15-20 minutes at a time. But when I did log on I always would always search and listen to your messages. I am also glad you weren't injured Ray and wish your Son a speedy recovery. Bless you and your family. Thank you, Fred.

  16. says

    Hey Ray super helpful and inspiring, especially when you are new to the industry. It takes time to build your presence on line, just like a snow ball, you need a bunch of little flakes to make a beautiful shinning snowball. And always know people are watching so cut that video, write that blog post, and know in your heart you are helping someone, somewhere, somehow…. Thank you
    PS: So glad you are okay…

  17. Bob Koontz says

    Thanks Ray great advise. I like how positive you are. Sorry to hear about your son, keep us posted. You are looking good, working out agrees with you.

  18. says

    Awesome post, Ray. Thanks for reminding us that everything’s going to be okay. Sometimes we need to be reminded of that. Glad to know that you’re okay. I wish your son a quick recovery.

  19. says

    GREAT video Ray! I am glad you are okay and hope Brandon feels better soon..
    Fantastic message of having Gratitude and Keeping Going ~ they make such a big difference.
    "Hi" to Kenya and thanks again :-)

  20. says

    GREAT video Ray! I am glad you are okay and hope Brandon feels better soon..
    Fantastic message of having Gratitude and Keeping Going ~ they make such a big difference.
    "Hi" to Kenya and thanks again :-)

  21. says

    GREAT video Ray! I am glad you are okay and hope Brandon feels better soon..
    Fantastic message of having Gratitude and Keeping Going ~ they make such a big difference.
    "Hi" to Kenya and thanks again :-)

  22. says

    You are right, it is all in a person's attitude and perspective. Positive attitude and gratitude are a awesome combination. There is always someone somewhere who is having a worse day that doesn't see anything to be thankful for.

  23. Sally says

    This was another fab video that comes especially close to heart. Scraping by like you did at the beginning is where I’m at. Yesterday I received a certified letter from the landlord saying pay $4k by May 31 or evacuate the premises [and of course still pay].

    However, I thought immediately that God has a solution to this. I’m going through your training on recruiting and even though I have no idea how to get the money or juggle the events coming very quickly I really want to come to Orlando for your event. It can happen. There is always a solution. I just have to be open to it. Thanks again!

  24. says

    Hi Ray! Sorry to hear your son woke up sick today, thankfully he has a dad who can stay at home to take care of him.. Also happy to hear you are OK, Car accidents can be scary!! What a Start to your day.. Yes Everything will be OK!! It does all start with mindset and Good thing you know how to use this HUH? Thanks for sharing.. Chery

  25. Bob Rosemary Clarke says

    What you say is so true, Ray. We sometimes have no idea who is being helped by our content. Great video, bro.

  26. says

    Oh wow Ray, First, I am so glad that you are fine, oh My God it only take a second to get in trouble, you were spare from that accident, Thank God,so much to be Thankful for, and you have uplifted me every time that you have a message for us your readers, Thank you so much your wisdom and I know God is blessing you, I hope your Son is okay by now. God Bless.


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