mp3: How to Get Better at Money Acceptance

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How to Get Better at Money Acceptance

Money Acceptance, Your Ability to Accept Money

After years of aimless wondering and trying to crack the code, I fully admit and am grateful to be a money magnet. Because I believe in the value I put into the marketplace, it is now easy to accept compensation for my efforts. So many people try to crack this code of how to make more money by buying the latest “system” or by finding the “loophole” when the reality is, you don’t need to, you just need to get better at accepting money. This audio file will quickly help you do just that. I originally planned on charging for this audio and I may still but for now you can download it for no cost.

What is Money Acceptance?

Money acceptance is the ability to allow compensation to come to you and feel no guilt or negativity. It is the knowing that, like my friend Mark Hoverson once said, “Your poverty is not serving anyone” and that not only do you deserve to be compensated, the WORLD is better off for it. You putting value into the marketplace and then putting money back into the marketplace that you helped, is a good thing. Having and making more money means richer experiences and faster growth.

Aren’t all rich people evil? Isn’t the pursuit of money a bad thing?

Be careful the ideology that you subscribe to as it will justify your results. There are certainly rich people that pursue money for the wrong reasons and are evil people just as there are poor people that are just as, if not more, evil. Money is just a magnifier. It makes you more of who you are. If you are a jerk, more money will make you an even bigger jerk. If you are a charitable person, well, with money you can donate your time or money at a larger level and impact more people. Your thoughts about money and the accumulation of it, is DICTATING your current results and this audio is aimed at helping you.

Audio: How to Increase Your Ability to Accept Money

Feel free to download this audio and share it. There is nothing for sale on it and I do not mention any company names so it is fine to share with your downlines and teams. If your team has the ability to accept more money, that is a good thing, regardless of what company or team you are apart of. By the way, I recorded this audio while in Fiji at Namale for our honeymoon (you can see all the details on our post – Honeymoon in Fiji)

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  1. says

    Hi , Man

    Thanks for this . I have absolutely no problem in accept more money , but some of my downlines have , so I will forward this to all of than.
    Of course , I want you to hear , as I love everything you send !

    Big Thanks for giving so much value


  2. says

    Great post Ray! Thanks for the FREE audio too! People like you should prove to others that not all people who have money are “evil”. I don’t say rich because in my opinion there are plenty of people with money who are not rich. Thanks again Ray.

  3. says

    Great post Ray! Nobody every talks about this and I’m glad that you brought this to our attention. I’ve been reading and listening to Esther and Jerry Hicks and this is what they talk about. I’m experiencing what I’m attracting now as compared to what I was attracting a couple of years ago.



  4. says

    I search out quality information in my daily online endeavors and I always know that Ray is one to provide that kind of content.

    Thanks Ray for being Ray!

  5. says

    I have gratitude that you, Ray, are willing to share so openly and willingly. This is a perfect audio for morning stretch and meditation prep.
    The bird in the background right when you are speaking about abundance, rather than mediocrity, is such a gift, beautiful!
    Removing the separation, a very important distinction.

  6. says

    Great topic.

    If you don’t take a different class, yet the class you are in won’t take you where you wanna go, that’s on you. It’s nearly impossible to find a class that you don’t know exists. Most people don’t realized that things are created twice, first in your mind and secondly what is a result of persistent action.

    Your audio is a fantastic one. For those who are looking, will eventually find it. I will do my part and spread the knowledge as you are doing.

    I share your wisdom..

  7. Janet says

    Thank you ray for the mp 3. You are absolutely right. Have you ever considered being a motivational, speaker? You are a great leader for all of us thank you.

  8. says

    Hey Ray,

    Thanks for the free audio. It’s power packed with a ton of value. I appreciate what you do for this industry. You’re a testament to the fact that anything is possible, considering your story. I’m always inspired when I read or hear how you started in the industry and where you are now.

    You’re so right…money exposes people for who they really are. If you’re a giver before you make big money, you’ll give more after you make the big bucks. If you’re stingy before you make big bucks, you’ll be more of the same after you hit the big bucks.

    Thanks again for sharing this. You ROCK!

  9. Raju Mathew says

    Thanks a million Ray !!! It is really an eye opener . I beleived in being grateful for what I have , but I never realised the power and the importance of feeling grateful to those who have what they have and how it can influence my life positively!

    looking forward for more:)

    Thanks again..

    Have a great day to all…

  10. says

    This audio was one of those “STOP & THINK” moments. Just when you think your path is going straight you hear something like this and realize, time to make another turn and take a different path.
    Thanks for the detour.

    All the best..

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