MLM Sponsoring: People Don’t Care What You Like

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MLM Sponsoring: People Don’t Care What You Like

mlm sponsoring

In my ongoing efforts to help people with MLM sponsoring, today I want to talk about what almost all terrible marketers do with the network marketing opportunity they are fired up about that turns people off.

See Why _______ Is So Excited About _______

I, like most people, have a few marketers that email me a new opportunity every week it seems. Yesterday I got one that prompted this blog post. The email subject line was “See Why ____ is So Excited About_______”

My immediate reaction…who cares? This is a principle in MLM sponsoring. People don’t care what you like or are excited about, they care about their needs and desires. However, if you are hype marketing, you can’t get them to even think about their needs or desires as they are so turned off by your message.

mlm sponsoringMLM Sponsoring: Clown Emails

Same marketer. IF you happened to open the email you would have seen that it was full of bolded red fonts, green underlined sentences, bright blue paragraphs, the best I can describe it is if you imagine a clown REALLY wanted to be congruent with their brand and had decided to learn email marketing lol.

Push Marketing Rarely Works for MLM Sponsoring Anymore

This is known as push marketing where you are just trying to jam YOUR message down the throats of your target prospects. This type of visual attack rarely works anymore as, like all marketing overtime, people have become immune to it. Now most sharp people want an actual sponsor not just a spammer or hype marketer.

To boost your MLM sponsoring, engage and interact. People are shocked that I answer every email, return every call and reply to every text and that I rarely BLAST my email list with my network marketing company. To me, that SHOULD be the norm, not the exception. If you want to get better as a recruiter, build rapport, create connections and relationships and look to solve the problems or help your prospects achieve their goals and you will stand out in this sea of nutty marketers.

Proper MLM Sponsoring Follow Up

There is only one great question to ask a prospect after they have seen a presentation. “What did you like about what you saw?” Notice I did not say tell them all the things you like, they just don’t care what you like. End the hype and start serving your prospects what they actually want and your results will NOT be clown like. :)

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  1. says


    On the point of you replying to every email, answering every call, and responding to every text….

    I’m proof positive that you do!

    Sir, it amazes me that you are so relational in your marketing. It definitely super charges the know, like, and trust factor….and sets the precedence for the way I want to conduct my own business.

    Again, thank you for being the leader that you are! I couldn’t have asked for a better one.


  2. says

    Hey Ray!! You come with such Transparency and Great Value with your blogs. So excited to see you in Vegas at No Excuses 3! Got a notebook that says “Ray Only!” Appreciate you!

  3. says

    You’d think people would have gotten this message by now…but noooooo.

    You’re screwed until you figure out what your prospect wants.

    Great fundamental coaching Ray. Thanks.


  4. says

    You want an opportunity – or someone – who will serve you, meaning you could care less about what sponsors like. Really, who cares? Certainly not the person on the end of the emails. This crowd wants to know how you can help them, solve their problems, serve them. Right on Ray, thanks for sharing.

  5. says

    Love your comment about engagement & interaction…that is right on Ray. People just want to feel like you are looking after them, and what you have can benefit them!

  6. says

    Awesome post!

    I believe in diversification of income and if done correctly is a great strategy.

    Your comments you wrote down I can almost sense your reaction after receiving that email (one of hundreds like it) so now we know the colors that set Ray off HAHAHAHA…

    Keep Rockin bro,
    John Pate

  7. says

    Hi Ray,
    Thanks again Ray. You are absolutely right, people don’t care what you think, they only care about what they think. Thanks for reminding me of that again.

  8. Neal McDowell says

    When can I get off this “merry-go-round”? That was my attitude when I had a contact calling me every week with the latest. I finally told this person to get real and get involved in an opportunity where he owns his list. Hint I told him he needs to join MLSP to learn how to brand and market himself.
    Perry Marshall stated it clearly, as follows:
    “What most people consider to be cutting-edge,is not what I consider cutting-edge.The cutting-edge is not knowing the latest trend or fad, or technique on the internet.If you hang around for a while,what you will notice is that the product launch or fad that came from three months ago is usually almost completely irrelevant now.”
    Also, Perry states, “he is concerned with what is going to last for months,years, or even a decade.What is the latest strategic thinking? Not the latest fad thinking.”
    Quality is key not “clown-like” marketing which turns me off.
    Perhaps this is we why have to deal with The New Google Panda 3.4 Algorithm?

  9. says

    Such great advice , in 2 years of network marketing
    in my primary i have learned more about real world
    marketing from you then any of the leaders in my company
    Thank you

  10. says

    haha! Or how bout those amazing Facebook messages that were clearly sent out to the Spammer’s entire “friend’s” list.

    It’s pretty awesome that you actually make a real effort to answer every email and call. So rare these days in MLM’s, especially with the “BIG DOGS”, like yourself.

    Lookin’ forward to learning lots more from you Ray.

  11. says

    I like it. I always get join my business emails on a daily basis. This is awesome stuff. Spam never works! No spam email, no spam social media. Great points.

  12. says

    Hi Ray
    A great post and one I hope every Network Marketer reads and takes notice of! I cannot believe how some people just spam their stuff everywhere. I have had too many of them lately. I might keep sharing this post on fb to keep everyone away from me lol
    It makes me cross as it is one of the reasons the industry has a bad name.


  13. Michelle DeMarco says

    I have been trying to get this across in my team both upline and down…well and cross line! Yet I still see the “look at me!” photos and long winded statuses…blog posts etc about the products and why everyone needs them. It really bugs me and I know that people are missing building huge businesses when they go that route.

    To me, someone like you that provides valuable information and training each day is going to deserve every ounce of the great success that comes…because first value was given.

    I look forward to your posts every day and you’re the only person I read every day too! That says a lot!

  14. says

    Yes Ray, this is my headline “I am here to get the point across WITHOUT hype”
    Agree on answering all the e-mails, texts, voicemails… We are in the “Thank you economy” like Gary Vaynerchuk says! Serve and Help is my moto :-)

  15. says

    That's the truth, amen! Those who do not connect with their people are missing out on so much by not getting to know them. People are wonderful and opening up your circle to the greatest souls is the most wonderful experience ever!

  16. says

    Hey Ray,

    It’s funny how I use to do this and did it for a while, but something kept nagging me that it really doesn’t work well lol.. Great post!

  17. says

    Ray, is just an absolute genius. I have enjoyed all of his trainings in MLSP, and I have learned lots… I have only been with MLSP a week and have 1 person sign up as a team member.

  18. says

    You are so down-to-earth, Ray. I didn’t realize that you personally respond to all your emails, texts, etc. What a great guy! And you are so right about people not caring about you, your products, or your company. People are selfish. They are always focused on WIIFM (What’s in it For Me?). So, I guess before we begin prospecting, we should consider our message and practice putting ourselves in our prospects’ shoes. Practice saying what we would like to hear.

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