MLM Recruiting: How to Bring in Quality People

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MLM Recruiting:
How to Bring in Quality People

quality people

Wanna Bring Olympians Into Your MLM?

This post will help you learn how to bring in quality people to your network marketing business, this applies to online and offline mlm recruiting.

Does Your Team Lack Quality People?

Here are some lines you may have heard before..

“My team isn’t doing anything”

“Sure wish my team would do something”

“I get lots of recruits but they are not duplicating”

Have you ever heard one of more of those lines or even thought them? I believe the NUMBER ONE indicator of IF you will get someone to have success in Network Marketing is the expectations they held when they joined your team.

Most Online MLM Recruiting Turns OFF the Quality People

Let me explain what I mean…If you are an online MLM recruiter and your message is something like this:

“You’ll never have to talk to friends and family, attend or run home or hotel meetings, pick up the phone and your downline will be built for you while you eat pork rinds and watch Oprah”

You probably aren’t attracting quality people, worse yet, you are turning OFF the quality people. In yesterdays post about How to talk to strangers, I mentioned that sometimes I study what the online MLM hypemasters write and write the exact opposite and THAT is why I bring in more quality people than most other marketers.

quality people

When MLM Recruiting, Manage Their Expectations!

I’ll get more specific here in a minute but know that when someone joins your MLM team, it is of utmost important to manage their expectation. But let’s go one step farther…set expectations of actions that you would WANT your team to do.

Online MLM Recruiting

If you want to recruit wussies, tell them all the things that will attract them like in the above quoted statement. If you prefer attracting quality people, talk about how, once trained, they SHOULD see if their warm market is open at least. Get on the phone with your MLM prospects before you sponsor them and make sure your MLM is a fit for them as you spend to much time training and supporting them. Know that YOU are qualifying THEM, not the other way around.

Offline MLM Recruiting

Same principles but if someone asks you a wussy question, don’t be afraid to be honest. If they ask “Will I have to talk to people?” Say, you’re darn right you will, how the heck else do you think you will build a business? Qualify people by asking them what their goals are and what they are willing to commit to. Here’s an example:

You: What are your goals with this business?
Prospect: $10,000 a month
You: How much time are you going to put into this to get there?
Prospect: 1 hour a week
You: Do you make $10,000 a month at your job?
Prospect: No
You: How many hours per week do you work there?
Prospect: 50
You: OK, so, I assume you see that it may take you awhile at only 1 hour a week to hit your goal right?

See what I mean? Help them understand their expectations might be improperly aligned so that they don’t work those 4 hours their first month and then quit as they didn’t make $10,000. Be congruent in ALL your communications and NEVER turn off the quality people as they can help you greatly build your empire. Stay tuned, might just release my 7 step MLM recruiting audio tomorrow, it will ONLY go out to my email list, if you are NOT on my email list, enter your name, email and phone number (optional, if you want us to call you) in the form in the upper right.

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  1. says

    It’s funny Ray I had a lot of people run away from us when we were doing meetings & offline strategies because that was too old school, but truth be known the real leaders were identified & emerges through this very tactic. Wow. Thanks for this quality post!!

  2. says


    You are absolutely correct. I save myself lots of time by telling people the truth about what it takes to make it in Network marketing.

    I receive emails all the time from prospects asking me how to build their business without spending money. I ask them where have you heard of business that was built without spending money. Then there is complete silence.

    The biggest problem with network marketers is their desire to hide behind an affiliate link. They do not want anyone to know who or where they are or have been for that matter. I could go on all day about this topic. Maybe I should blog about it:-)

    Thanks Ray

  3. says

    You have to be upfront with people and tell them what is expected.
    I’m using your 90 day blitz action plan to recruit people into my energy business and let them know up front what is expected and separate the tire
    kickers from the serious people.
    As always a great post!

  4. says

    It's too easy to fall into the trap of wanting to build a huge team by promising them a lot of money for a little work. People have to know that making money takes work unless they get lucky with a lottery.

  5. says

    Nice one Ray!

    Too many people have phone fear and find a way to recruit only online, and that’s what duplicates.

    Another reason I push through when I don’t feel like calling.

  6. says

    Being honest and upfront with people is the best way to get them on your team. Don’t make promises you can’t keep or promises that don’t hold up when it comes time to go to work to make things happen. Thanks for sharing, Ray!

  7. says

    Excellent ideas, Ray. So many have inflated expectations — mostly because they have heard of the thousands the "guru" are making and aren't aware of just how much work it takes to get there. Giving them the real skinny is best. Thanks.

  8. says

    Hey Ray, This is way COOL I actually had a conversation like this just a few days ago with a team member. I told him he was to always call his leads and ask about their goals and family ect…. He was so surprised that I told him the truth about what I expected of him. I always call my leads and qualify them before I do business with anyone. I have heard you say this before, you get to choose who you do business with. Great Post Thanks once again..
    Chery :)

  9. says

    Great post once again, Ray! You’ve hit the nail on the head. Managing expectations is a crucial part of the MLM recruiting process. Unfortunately, it is also a distinguishing factor as you’re likely to be the only one willing to tell your prospects the truth about what it takes to build a successful business …


  10. Sharon Kilde Bloch says

    Hi Ray, I had a phone call from your wife Jessica this afternoon and she was so pleasant to talk to. I am going to order your blueprint video now. Enjoy your blog and your down to earth approach. No hype!
    Sharon Kilde Bloch.

  11. Eric Johnson says

    The more things change, the more they remain the same. Truth never fails. The notion of actually talking to people, building meaningful relationships in person and qualifying people are timeless truths regardless of technology.
    Nice post…

  12. says

    This is definitely hardcore recruiting. If you want good quality people to work under you they have to be more than willing to do what it takes to grow their business. Thanks for the post Ray!


  13. Tina Schraier says

    Thanks Ray,.. Great training on recruiting ,.. enjoying it immensely.
    Appreciate what you do for our profession.

  14. says

    Hi, Ray,

    I am not at all surprised about the overwhelmingly positive comments! I have learned my lesson the hard way. I bought in people who have unrealistic expectations! The extremely form is – just to talk to a handful of fantastic leaders and those leaders will bring turn the organisation in success! What an illusion!

    While most successful MLM require only a few key leaders, the point is, we cannot get key leaders without first developing ourselves into one! Learning how to ‘greet and gualify’ people everywhere we go is crucial (onlinee+ offline). I learned this fun way from Tim Sales. No expectation. No pressure.

    I like to use this line (that I learned from Jeffrey Combs): I am happy to carry my 50 bricks, are you willing to carry your 50? (Not sure if the words are exactly the same).

    Viola Tam

  15. says

    This guy really could pin the tail on the donkey, from Africa to U.S.

    I need to find a way to be original. I feel like telling some of these marketers who post so much garbage advertising to not even bother. Remove me from your list. Thanks Ray for all you do for us, and I’m glad that you always give good value to us for free.


  16. Mariusz says

    Oh man, this is it. “Qualification, fool!” :). People think, that they will earn money by simply sign’n up. Money falls from the sky? Yeah, right.
    Sometimes, when you ask people if they want more time and money, they may think, that in mlm it comes right from the beginning. They don’t want to see that there’s a hard work required (maybe a year or two) to get where they want.
    Helping them realize they expectations is a milestone in this business.

  17. says

    This reminds me of a little teaching scenario I use pretty regularly. “The CLINTONS are coming” (for dinner) – you know, Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea. So, what are you going to OFFER THEM? and WOULD THEY BUY IT?

    Makes MOST in the recruiting space squirm. Here’s a hint: you better BUILD SOMETHING YOURSELF or they ain’t buyin…

  18. says

    Ray, I might not be in your organization, and I might not agree with everything to propose, but I know I'm a better marketer than I was for paying attention to your posts. Thank you sir.

  19. says

    Ray, I think to bring quality people in team, you have to talk to more qualified people not to the bunch of stupid broke friends and families.It’s sad that many leaders don’t teach how to do this properly. How to talk and connect with successful people is a biggest challenge for most network marketers.

  20. says

    If you’ve been focused on increasing your wealth it’s a good chance all of your friends are not broke. I’ve heard it said you are the average of your five closest friends.

  21. says

    And of course, as you’re always sharing with us.. those that are successful have a system that they not only use but also teach their business partners (downline) to use.

  22. says

    This post makes perfect sense, you won’t find sharks in a fish tank so don’t look for them there.

    Quality people won’t be looking for the “get rich quick scheme” so don’t advertise to them in these places.

  23. says

    Hey Ray, I absolutely enjoyed this post. It is very insightful on how to bring in quality prospects to your team. I also loved the personal and don't to the point toned that this post has. Thanks and Keep them coming!

  24. says

    Thanks Ray all of your posts that I have read so far have been extremely helpful and I can’t wait to use them!!! Thank you so much for providing this information!

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