MLM Prospecting: How to Invite

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MLM Prospecting: How to Invite

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This is THE most important aspect of MLM prospecting, if you do not learn how to invite, your game is toast.

Learn how to invite in this simple and quick video.

MOST Network Marketers Do This All Wrong

We are an excited bunch aren’t we? We tend to be more optimistic and we attend self improvement events and we get fired up when we attend company events right?

I am certainly not saying to stay excited but when it comes to learning how to invite, you have to be smart about it.

When you are going to invite your prospect to an event or to watch a company presentation, you have to follow some very simple rules in this critical piece of ALL MLM Prospecting…

The Rules of the Invite

1. Be busy. Not only do people prefer to work with busy people but it also keeps you from having to explain things. I call this creating a “break in communication”. It goes something like this, “Hey _____, real busy here and I have to jump into a meeting here shortly but wanted to reach out to you to see when I could hop on your calendar for 6 minutes in the next day or so, what works for you?

2. Be brief. Most network marketers do not have nearly as efficient invite as the one above but here is where most REALLY blow it. The prospect, perhaps ignoring your statement of being busy and having an upcoming meeting, asks, well, what is it? It is CRITICAL for you to watch the video below as I explain WHY they are doing this. If you want to prevent blowing the call and the invite, watch the couple minute video below to unlock what may have been preventing you from being a superstar inside this profession!

Video: How to Invite

If you follow that advice, do you think you will improve your MLM prospecting results? Of course you will! If you want others to learn how to invite, feel free to share this and comment below if you got value.

To Your Abundance!

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  1. Denise Nelms says

    Ray, I love how you teach the fundamentals. Clear, precise and to the point. You teach us how to master the basics and that's what it takes to be successful in this business!

  2. says

    Great stuff Ray as always! Also, great picture of you with the insurance guy and anesthesiologist 😉 Maybe I'll get to see you in Allen in October! Keep the great information coming!!

  3. says

    Powerful information for building that strong foundation, can never get enough of that.,
    thanks Ray for keeping us on track and moving forward.

  4. david says

    There’s a Big Al training on youtube that is awesome in using the right words to get someone to take a look.. I’m just curious, I just found out, would it be okay… check it out…

  5. says

    Really great tips! Love that it shows them how busy you are, that things are moving and growing, and it keeps them curious. Thanks for the awesome insight!

  6. says

    Ray, are you suggesting we abandon the "I'm not sure my business opportunity will be a fit for you but I know you'll love my product" line.

  7. Rick Searles says

    Easy to hear but hard to do…you have given me a challenge so I am going to think thru my invite and get it down tonite…will try to use it before it gets cold…thanks.

  8. Audrey Brotherson says

    Thanks Ray

    Excellent and wise words! I definitely will be sharing with my team as I scheduled to do a presentation on inviting with them! It came at the right time!!!!!

  9. says

    Hi Ray,
    The link is not working properly when you browse to it as of this morning 8/16. However, when I browse to the link via my iphone it works. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this issue.

    Make it an awesome day!

  10. Joey Filippi says

    Hi Ray, I love watching the videos daily and have learned a lot from them. This one stood out to me as I suck at inviting. my question is this, how does one go about going back to the people they screwed up with before. I have been in MLM for over a year and 'contaminated' way to many people in the beginning. I would love to be able to go back to them but fear I have no shot simply because they have to much info from a year ago and haven't seen a lot of production from me. These are the same people complaining about money issues and job issues, and sound as if they are in need of something. Any thoughts?

  11. says

    Hi Ray,

    This is absolute gem! Top success tips!

    The ‘busy’ game is a fun one to use. Our prospect also catch our energy and sincerity. No hype, say it as it is. I would say that I’d love to tell them what it is but it is really doing them a dis-service because they are not able to grasp the magnitude of the opportunity. It works too :)

    Yes, no successful invite? No business! Thanks, Ray!

    Viola Tam – The Business Mum

  12. says

    Hey Ray! Thank you for the comments you made about being brief! I think that has been my downfall in the past and now that I'm learning from YOU how to master the invite, I am beginning to see results I never thought possible! Thank you for all your great content!

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