How These MLM Leaders Achieved Network Marketing Success

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MLM Leaders and Their Network Marketing Success Stories

MLM Leaders Success Stories

Some of the Team in Atlantis

I believe it is always powerful to hear success stories of other people so we can identify with them and really understand that anyone can have Network Marketing Success. This blog is from me interviewing some MLM leaders last night and how they have won at the game of Network Marketing.

Common Themes Among MLM Leaders

If you pay attention to the notes from the interviews you are going to hear some common themes. Pay attention to what people are doing to see Network Marketing Success and then see if you are doing those same type of actions. If you want to become an network marketing Leader, pay close attention to the actions that are being taken. These interviews are specifically from different people who have won our incentive trip to Cancun but the information is universal to anyone wanting to achieve Network Marketing Success.

Quick Thanks to The MLM Leaders I Interviewed

I wanna thank the following MLM Leaders that took the time out of their schedule to jump on the webinar with me and also give you their Facebook link to connect with them if you choose to:

MLM Leader Jessi JordanJessi Jordan – Jessi attributes her success to talking to a lot of people but not having an addiction to the outcome. She says that she just sees if people are open and if they are, has them watch a presentation and a lot of times will use a three way call with her upline.

Jason Syberg – Jason is an awesome guy I hung out with in Cancun at the MLSP Mastermind Retreat. Funny that we will be hanging out again in Cancun in June as he won the Cancun trip in 7 days. Jason says he has has network marketing success by really listening to his prospects and offering them value over and above just what they get when the join Numis. This includes specialized training that might help them.

Steve Snowman – Steve has been all warm market. From being in two other network marketing companies that he really was not that jazzed about, Steve has reached out to his warm market 31 times and he sponsored 6 people from those reachouts. He believes that three way calls is the most efficient but also most under-utilized secret of MLM leaders. Steve and I have had some funny ones. =)

Eric Isenbergh & Josephine Isenbergh – These guys are awesome and are good friends of mine. They hold the honor of holding the home meeting with the best dressed crowd I have ever presented to, in a home meeting. Eric used to run a home building company that went from 450 homes in a year to zero when the real estate market crashed. His company did over $40 million and he now sees the power of Network Marketing and they are both verified MLM Leaders now. To win the incentive trip to Cancun they have done 6 home meetings. They also have worked all warm market.

What’s Common with these MLM Leaders?

They all come from different backgrounds, some have never done network marketing while others have been in many (like I had). All of them did have the gumption to approach their warm market and they also focused on profit producing activities such as prospecting, running meetings and listening to prospects. I love what Jessi talked about in not being addicted to the outcome and just looking for who was open. I also can appreciate someone like Eric who went from making a ton of money to facing some rejection with a home business. Some professionals are unable to calm their ego to have network marketing success and end up leaving the industry. If someone resonates with you, feel free to connect with them on Facebook by clicking their name in the preceding paragraph.

Wanna Hear the Entire Interview?

You can listen to the entire audio of the Interview by going here ==>> Network Marketing Success Secrets


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  1. says


    I have no words! I am practically speechless – which is first for me 😀

    I’m so grateful to part of this amazing company and this awesome team!

    Thank you for all that you do to support us!

    You Rock!

  2. says

    Ray, you have done so much to sharpen my game, whether in your blog articles or that killer lesson in value you taught back in Cancun. The results are evident not just in my success, but in my teams success as well. It was an honor to take part in the webinar last night. Looking forward to more.
    Thank you my friend!

  3. says

    Ray it was such a pleasure being on the phone with you last night. I am still pinching myself. The system is so duplicatable three more reps in today. One of them full-time big-name MLM Pro. He was last year’s number three top sponsor in his company.

  4. Eric Isenbergh says

    Ray: We are surprised and humbled that you have mentioned us in this blog…on second though, I guess we are not because you give credit where credit is due!!

    As we have expressed to many people, many times, ever since we joined Numis, and were introduced to you about 30 days later, you have always taken our calls, answered emails and shown an absolute interest in us. And yes, you even came to do our first PBR with us hardly knowing each other. We are proud of the title of “best dressed PBR group” though, LOL.

    We absolutely could not ask for a better leader, mentor and friend! We have witnessed your true leadership by helping everyone that asks you for help. Your “lead by example” ways have helped us stay focused and motivated when things seem out of kilter.

    As I have said before, Josephine and I am very proud and blessed to have you on our side, and we plan to have our friendship will last forever!!! Thanks!

  5. says

    You Rocked It Again Ray elevating the leaders who will continue to give this industry the credibility it deserves. With leaders like these, people will take notice.



  6. says

    What an inspiring interview! I love hearing how people rise to the top. It’s interesting because although they all have unique ways of getting there, they all have one thing in common…exposing people to the opportunity. Simple.

    P.S. I’m SUPER proud that of those superstars is on my personal team. Way to go Jessi Jordan!!

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