How to Use Cheap Bandit Signs to Build Your MLM

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How to Use Cheap Bandit Signs to
Build Your MLM

build your mlmFirst question you may have, unless you have ever been in real estate, is, what the heck is a cheap bandit sign? Chances are you drive by cheap bandit signs every single day. They are the ones alongside the road that advertise real estate, vote for me or that someone is buying junk cars or gold nowadays. They have other uses and the gentleman that I interviewed last night on my team training webinar is currently using cheap bandit signs to get 20-25 QUALIFIED leads every single day. You might want to pay attention if you want to know how to use them to build your MLM!

Adam Chandler Teaches: (In The Below Video)
How to Build Your MLM with Signs

I don't normally do this but I am sharing this video from last nights team members only training. This is a very thorough, with scripts and pictures, how you can build your MLM by using cheap bandit signs followed by a full Q&A session. If you are looking for a creative, easy to be duplicated way to build your MLM, this video will certainly do the trick.


Now you know (assuming you watched the video) how to build your MLM with cheap bandit signs. Big thank you to Adam Chandler for being so thorough and sharing his scripts, signs and pictures, you are an all-star!

Post-It Notes to Build Your MLM

In the video, Adam talked about a training I did with Post it Notes, you can watch the full recording here - Post It Notes Marketing Training

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build your mlm

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  1. Robert Lewis says

    As a new Numis member and follower of your blog I have found you post great new and unique articles. I am really enjoying many of the offline tips and this is an eye opener for me! Keep up the great work!

  2. says

    Okay seriously Ray…

    You’re making it really tough for everyone else out there in the industry. Providing all this value and stuff… This is one of those methods I wouldn’t have thought of unless I came here! I can see how this could help build your MLM if you have a product that appeals to the masses, such as Numis Network.

    Thanks for the post,
    -Gabriel Johansson

  3. Anthony Hawkes says


    I have to hand it to you Ray, you are truly a Servant Leader. I’ve been reading your content for the past couple of weeks now, and have found what you share to be incredibly authentic, and absolutely relevant to what Network Marketers are missing in our businesses.

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Great stuff!

    Anthony W. Hawkes

  4. says

    Great Post Ray… People under estimate the power of bandit signs. They can really help generate leads quickly when worded correctly. Keep up all the great work.


  5. says

    Super creative idea and video Ray. People do call those numbers, and quite frequently. Think of how many people drive by these signs on the way to or from crumby jobs that they hate. They want a change, and using signs like these can help you connect with people who want to live a better life. Thanks!


  6. Ken Wells says

    Love the ground game.. Good trick with Bandit signs.

    Find the areas with good flow of on the way to work traffic that hit a light or stop sign that traffic backs up every morning or night. Right at the verge of the residential to city.

    Knock on the doors of the 10+ houses right where the traffic stops. Explain to the owners that they have a million dollar location for a small sign advertising your home business.

    Ask them if you could put one in their yard next to the road and will pay them a (in my case) a $25 referral fee every time you sponsor someone from the sign and they could make a extra 100 or two every month..

    Offer them a presentation video to watch for the night and think about your proposition and will be back to pick up the dvd and get their answer the next day.

    Tell them your going to approach their neighbor houses with the same proposition because the location is so good. And ask them which neighbors they think would enjoy the extra monthly money to let you put the sign in their yard.

    Then knock on the rest of the doors the same way..

    I love the morning on the way to the JOB traffic. A job that they could still be at home in their PJ’s drinking coffee sure sounds good right then.

    The right words on these signs is golden.

  7. Ken Wells says

    #1 telling them they have a million $ location and will pay them 25 per referral = possible $200 a month.
    When they watch the presentation they just may find out that $200 could actually be $800 if they join your team and put the sign out their selves.

    You created urgency by asking about their neighbors.

    = New front line rep with constant signs in great location.= $$$$$

    In these type areas change up the signs every 2-3 weeks with different messages appealing to all of the different personalities one by one.

    Its all the same people driving by every day with different

  8. says

    Great training Ray and Adam. I used them in my REI business and never thought to use them for MLM. Great way to grab local leads.


  9. Cory J. says

    Great Video! Bandit Signs are very effective at generating leads daily. I actually used them at one point and had about 15 leads constantly for thirty days. The only problem was that MOST of them were not TARGETED.
    However, bandit signs are still powerful if used properly. Thanks for the info sir.

  10. says

    Ray I came across your blog recently and the info you provide is fantastic. I know it takes a lot of effort on your part to do this and it is much appreciated.

  11. Jim says

    Hi Ray

    Thanks for your emails with your training they are all great

    Just to be safe, because of the realitive short period of time Numis has been in business
    please advise if someone
    Has made $250k working from home with Numis

    Also in the 2 step process, the first was sending them to a presentation which do you recommend and what was step 2

  12. says

    Great training Ray and Adam (as usual).

    I wrote an article a couple of weeks ago about how amateur I thought bandit signs were, but after watching this training I definately see the power of this strategy when used correctly (so many marketers use it wrong).

    Thanks for sharing

  13. Adrienne Saunders says

    Great webinar, not financially ready for signs yet, but have thought about MeetUp and love the voicemail!

  14. says

    Great information Ray as always.
    My question is when you are out at
    events collecting business cards
    what explaination do you give when
    a person ask for yours since you
    do not carry any? I had a person
    look at me like I was strange.
    I only recently started following
    you suggestion to not carry any.

  15. says

    Wow awesome stuff. Any advice about getting a number that's non 800? Any testing done to see if it would work better the other way (i.e. a local number or big city number if you live in a small town)? What are your thoughts?

  16. Ronald Shultz says

    I just listened to EXCLUSIVE AUDIO:
    29 Sources You Can Use To Generate Leads For Your Business.. TODAY! It was amazing – thank you. I also ordered the webinar for $7 but it did not work out right. I had an issue with the address on my credit card. When I changed the address, my card was charged the $7 but I had not hit the order button on the site. Please review your records and you will see that I paid. Thanks – Ron Shultz


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