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How to Make Money Using the Internet When You’re New

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How to Make Money Using the Internet
When You’re New

how to make money using the Internet

This quick video is in response to a conversation I had this morning, if you want to know how to make money using the Internet regardless of how technical or new you are, you want to see this video.

I can Teach You How to Make Money Using the Internet

Do you know why I know I can teach you how to make money using the Internet? Because I am an idiot when it comes to technology yet I have one of the highest trafficked blocks in network marketing. MOST of the people attempting to teach you how to make money online are technical wizards or they have a team of people that do all the work for them, I had and still do possess neither. I don’t have teams of people helping me and I still write my own content despite being downright dumb when it comes to techie-stuff.

Video: How to Make Money Using the Internet

Let me let you in on a little secret, this video is NOT just how to make money using the Internet, it is essentially, how to shift your mind to accomplish anything you want in life. It’s a very basic way to conquer problems that ANYONE can do regardless of their knowledge, income or current circumstances.

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  1. Ray,

    You’ve pointed out an essential and obvious solution to producing results and humans are mostly on automatic as far as habits are concerned. So, with some conscious effort to alter our habits we can alter our results. I’ll be looking for myself. Thanks, Ray.


  2. You have such a great way of explaining that!

  3. Simple yet very profound. Getting in the habit now of changing my habits lol.

  4. Excellent video ray. Love watching and learning from you. I am a beginner really and overwhelmed with the information out there. Am glad I found your site.

  5. What is that they say about habits of highly effective people!

    Starting with the basics always leads to good things.

    Dave Gardner

  6. Hi Ray, You are awesome in pressing others to examine the habits! I have recently blogged about Jerry'DRhino' Clark! He is a great mentor who always stress on the HABITS that will bring us different results when we change what we are normally doing. NOTHING changes, NOTHING changes! I appreciate your sharing!

  7. Hi Ray,

    What a coincidence! Just a few hours ago, I was blogging about the amazing Jerry ‘DRhino’ Clark. In my blog, I mentioned something very important from him – the Slight Edge!

    Most people are comfortable to do things the usual way…and, with a slight error in judgement, can lead to uncomfortable results down the track. On the contrary, very successful people strech themselves to do something outside theor comfort zone and axhieve GREATNESS as a result!

    Habits can break or make our future! Chooseing which habit to stick to is absolutely essential. While results are our focus, our ACTION is the key to our seccess.

    I appreciate your insights, Ray!!!

    Viola Tam

  8. Habits are what makes us, Habits are what break us.

  9. amazing stuff ray, sometimes you have to break it down to people barney style lol.

  10. Great information as always Ray. You are really making a difference in our industry thank you for being a quality mentor.

  11. Great post Ray! At the end of the video you say your current results are due to your current habits. It’s important for people looking to change their results to know that your current results are also from your PAST habits. A lot of people change their habits and don’t see the results immediately. This little bit of lag time is often what knocks people out of the game (MLM, weight loss, relationships etc). They change the habit but the result doesn’t change instantly. People think “this doesn’t work, why bother”. Give your results some time to catch up with your habits. Cheers Ray, keep it up brother!!!

  12. Ray, I have been following you for a few weeks now! Your story is amazing, your content is off the chain! Thank you so much for your service. I look forward to reading, watching, and putting into action the info you share. This one in particular was my AH HA moment.

    You are THE MAN RAY! Thanks again!


  13. Good stuff as always, Ray. Simple. Profound. Some people know this already – how? Most of us need to be taught. Thanks, Teach. :)


  14. great video Ray .enjoy your energy,and your teachings. pro blog academy is one of the best investment I made for myself and my blog. I recommend it to anyone and everyone. you are the man! Thank you so much for being you. :-)

  15. Awesome post Ray! I have unsubscribed to many other people’s list because every time they send me a message, they are pitching a product or service and not providing any upfront value. However, when I receive your messages I know there is some relevant content to our industry and great value from Ray Higdon. Thanks for the unselfish service you provide to the networking community!

  16. I like to look at it that way as well. What can I do today that will yield results in the future? Have to get into ACTION!


  17. I think we all start out looking for the money. We don’t at the beginning look at the habits, or lack of them that is or is not resulting in the result we want which for most of us is money :) I have come through a metamorphosis and learned that those habits are the true key to the ability to make money online, and for that matter offline. Until we change those habits, we will always struggle and not get what we want.

    I have enjoyed reviewing the Pro Blog Academy product in its soft launch, and love the results I have already gotten. But even more, is to analyze whether we have truly done everything in that course or anywhere and whether we truly have changed the habits. I am going through for a second time, during this launch and finding things that I could do even better, to get even better results. Looking forward to the webinar tonight!

  18. Hey Ray, you have to form new habits to change anything in your life or any results you want to overcome great post and video dude I love learning from you :)


  19. Great video …inspiring as usual. How strange that many of us need to be reminded of such basic common sense, but we do !

  20. Thanks for sharing I am learning to blog content (daily is my goal).

  21. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome Ray! Thank you.

  22. The emphasis on mindset is beyond critical Ray. I just conducted a webinar on how to avoid overwhelm; I feel most newbies are beyond intimidated at the sheer depth of information and more critically, how they are going to put the knowledge into use.

    You can do amazing things if you decide to work on your mental tools. In the online money making arena or any niche.

    Thanks for sharing Ray!


  23. Good habits are the key to all success. Bad habits are the unlocked door to failure. Great video, Ray.

  24. Thanks Rick, rock on

  25. Thanks Lynda!

  26. LOL, def plan that!

  27. Thanks Dave!

  28. Nice, rock on bro

  29. Just did a teleseminar with my mentor and coach Jerry, he rocks

  30. Nicely said

  31. Haha, so that even I can understand! lol

  32. Thanks so much Ken!

  33. Very true Jeff

  34. Thanks Jay!

  35. Thanks so much Sherry

  36. Way to go bro!

  37. That means a lot to me Barry

  38. Rock on Dallas!

  39. Profound Lynda, you rock

  40. Thanks Mike!

  41. =) we ALL do

  42. Awesome, you can do it!

  43. Welcome Curtis!

  44. Well done Ryan

  45. Thanks so much Daniel

  46. Another Great job Ray Higdon! You make the process more easy.

  47. Oh my… – So simple, so good!

  48. Another great post Ray.

    Habits create success.
    Stop blaming other people for YOUR problems, it’s not their fault.
    See things diffrently and change what you do, that’ll bring you more success.

  49. Ray this video was a game changer for my rational mind. Thanks to you I finally see why I’ve been recreating unwanted experiences. It is great to have the end result in mind however if you don’t know where you are now it is close to impossible to get to where you want to be. Godspeed – Kary Youman

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