How to Attract Money To You

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How to Attract Money To You

how to attract money

This post is not some fluffy piece on how to conjure up money solely using your mind but your mind does come into play if you wanna learn how to attract money. However, there are some things you need to do as well which will be explained in this post.

Is Learning How to Attract Money Evil?

“Run for your life from any man who tells you that money is evil. That sentence is the leper’s bell of an approaching looter.” ~ Ayn Rand

Here’s the reality, money is just a magnifier, it only makes you more of who you already are. If someone is a jerk, money will make them, well, more of a jerk (anyone ever seen that or know what I am talking about?)

But what if you are someone that actually likes to help people? Well, having greater access to money because you learned how to attract money is a good thing, it means you will be able to help more people and make a greater impact on this planet, in whatever way you wish.

how to attract moneyWhy Do You Deserve To Make More Money?

A lot of network marketers tell me they need to make money but they have no plan on what to actually do with it or their plan is of such a low vibration that they really aren’t creating any real reason why they actually deserve to make money.

Create plans on what you will do with a lot of money and you are that much more likely to cause a shift, be very careful at this point to never doubt that the money is on its way to you, hold the faith and the vision AND continue the use of powerful habits to ACCEPT the money. It is easy to learn how to attract money, harder to learn how to ACCEPT the money, you ACCEPT the money through your actions. I talked about that in this post

Steps on How to Attract Money

These questions will help you prepare you to attract money:

1. What charity will you give more to? What kind of impact might that make? How would it feel to walk into your favorite charity and be treated like a VIP due to all of your help? When the newspaper writes an article about how you gave so much, how many other entrepreneurs would be impacted by your story and decide to give more money to charity as well? How many people could you possibly impact?

2. What would you do for your parents? Would you buy them tickets to some exotic place or perhaps take the entire family on a trip? Would it be cool to show them the benefits of being a network marketer by doing rewards like this when money is no longer an issue?

how to attract money3. What would you do for your kids? What experiences might they learn from? Where do you wish you were taken as a kid?

4. If you know you have value to bring to the world, how would you expand your business? What coaches would you hire? What mentoring masterminds would you join?

5. If you are passionate about a cause, what cause would you support and or start? Who in your life would you want to spend more time with?

Thoughts are NOT the only ingredient with Attracting Money…

But they are a huge start. Ask yourself WHY should you make a lot of money and if you cannot answer that honestly, refer to some of the above questions for help. This video shares with you how to change your current results in the regards to money, it is important to note that starting the attraction process should come first before the teachings in this video.

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  1. says

    Great Post Ray and so Spot On.
    I see so many times people taking the Laws of Attraction to the Extreme,
    like they can just sprinkle some pixie dust or Chant a few magic words
    and the money will just Drop out of the Sky into there lap.Wrong sorry
    folks it does not work that way.

    I am not saying I do not believe in nor utilize these Laws(Attraction,Reciprocity,etc). There is a main key ingredient in making these laws come to fruition and that is something called Action.

    We need to take Action on our quest for monetary Gain..

  2. says

    Absolutely up my alley Ray. I’ve stressed a few law of attraction type posts on my blog recently for this exact reason.

    Money is freedom: allows you to do more, have more, be more. As the form of energy is a magnifier, it is not evil. It’s simply a means of exchange.

    Aligning yourself is key. You can affirm your wealth yet if you flip out when paying bills or handle money like a hot potato when spending at the store, you will repel money.

    The question and answer session noted above is a powerful primer to begin attracting more money into your life. Recreating the feeling and image of being free, offering money freely, is a tremendous starting point to attract the ideas, people and circumstances, so you can move into action to manifest your fortune.

    Thanks Ray!


  3. says

    You know, Ray…I was actually thinking about something along these lines when I woke up this morning. That attracting money is a matter of mindset.

    One of my esteemed teachers always told me that the more you chase money, the more it will elude you. But when your actions are rooted in a GENUINE desire to help others, money will flow to you.

    I have found this to be a critical piece of the puzzle. Of course we all want to make money. That is, after all, why we're in business, right? But when we don't look at others as dollar signs and honestly view them as people that we can help/serve, it's AMAZING how the money just comes.

  4. says

    You know, Ray, I was actually thinking about something
    along these lines when I woke up this morning….that
    attracting money is a matter of mindset.

    One of my esteemed teachers always told me that the more
    you chase money, the more it will elude you. But when
    your actions are rooted in a GENUINE desire to help others,
    money will naturally flow to you.

    I have found this to be a critical piece of the puzzle.
    Of course we all want to make money. That is, after all,
    why we’re in business, right? But when we don’t look at
    others as dollar signs and honestly view them as people that
    we can help/serve, it’s AMAZING how the money just comes.

  5. says

    Hi Ray

    Really love your post as usual. It’s great to remind people about the whys and whilst money helps us to get the things we need and want, it is important to be able to give back. I do believe that we must have a balance between attracting the money and giving it back again.


  6. Gustavo Vallejo says

    Great article Ray!! The more you NEED it, the more it will stay away from you. Money and friends go where they are wanted – not where they are needed. There is a world of difference between want and need. One attracts. The other repels.

  7. says

    Great post Ray, and have to agree with all the other comments above. I recognised my mistakes some time ago, especially when I joined MLSP. I can answer the questions above and now know that it is ACTION that gets results. Thank you for sharing this post.

  8. says

    I think what the deeper issue that you’re beginning to get to has to do with purpose. Most mlmers are self serving, both with their initial intentions of a quick influx of cash and with leaving their team, if they’re fortunate enough to have one, hanging out to dry without any intention of helping them succeed.

    This post really resonates with me Ray, as I’m always looking to serve and help prescribe the proper solution to the human condition that plagues us all! But you’re right, it starts at the core… And if the core of the individual isnt open to becoming a servant to all, then they will be forced to remain with their cruel and selfish intentions and an empty bank account!!

  9. says

    Hi Ray, I really like your point about money being a magnifier! That is so true! People who want to do good and give will use money for that while those who are selfish will use the money however they desire, regardless of who it hurts.

  10. says

    Awesome value, Ray! Thank you for your spot on content and excellent “gold nuggets”!! I agree with everything you said and I do believe as well that you need to write down a plan and follow it. Having faith and knowing that you will attract the money you want and need to be able to help others is what this business is all about! Thanks Ray!

    Have a great day, my friend!

  11. says

    Hey, Ray, just read your article..great stuff….I am a big believer in the LOA concerning money, but until I read your post I didn’t realize totally what was keeping it away from me… I do….your comment about money being a magnifier really resonated…..AND helped to remove some residual doubts I had about attracting it…..thanks, John

  12. says

    Hey Ray, Great Blog you have here.. It’s very informative and you have alot of million dollar nuggets contained throughout this site. Please come check out my spot as well my friend…

    Eric Burnett

  13. says

    Absolutely agree with what you say about maoney magnifying who you are. In the move called Mask?(not sure if I remember right about the name of the movie), the person who wears the mask exhibit every behaviour in his subconscious mind….and he has MAGICAL power. Guess what, when a bad guy wears that mask, the world is a evil place. You can easily imagine how great this world world be when we have many GIVING millionaires and billionaires from MLM!

  14. says

    Hi Ray,

    You are spot on! It is excellent that you bring up this point about the magnifying effect of money! I could not agree more! Money magnifies who we are! If one likes to donate money, he/she will donate more! When one likes to spend money on a whole bunch of material junks, he/she will do more of it!

    I agree with Ryan that ‘money is freedom’ – in a sense that one can do whatever one wishes! It also includes freedom from the FEARS (say, of losing a job, of losing a bread winner husband, of being trapped in a dead=end career, etc)and freedom from STRESS (of losing a job, working long hours, facing financial strain in domestic violent situations, etc).

    I would say Money is HOPE! I am proud of what my primary MLM is giving back to the world. Dallin Larsen, the founder once said, “We may not be the best MLM in the world….we will be the best MLM FOR this world.”

    Our world needs wealthy leaders with a vision. We needs more Bill Gates, Dani Johnsons and Dallin Larsens.

    Viola Tam

  15. says

    another great post ray, I have heard this MANY TIMES from different people, "anyone that says money is the root of all evil," needs to look in the mirror, and ask themselves why they believe that! The more people you help get what they want the more you will get what you want!

  16. says

    In the book “Your Money or Your Life” the authors (Joe Dominguez and his wife, I believe), say that money is Life Energy. While their purpose for writing was different than yours, it fits in perfectly with what you have said. Thanks again.

  17. says

    Inspired action is better than just going through the motions. Adding belief to your dreams makes you want to work even harder to accomplish them. Yes your thinking has to be right but you still have to work your BUTT off!


  18. says

    The saying "money doesn't buy you happiness" was said by some broke person. I think money can buy you happiness. Buying my own house, for cash, will make me happy. Buying a new car, also for cash, will make me happy. Going to the dentist (crazy, I know), will make me happy. All of these things require money. I, personally, am all for making as much money as I possibly can :-) You just have a better quality of life when you have no money worries. Thanks for sharing, Dennis.

  19. says

    Definitely a GREAT post and DEFINITELY gives you pause because for a lot of us…we THINK about what we’d do with a massive amount of money but don’t PLAN what we’d do with a massive amount of money.

    Great food for thought and a great article. Thanks, Ray!

  20. says

    Awesome post. You truly surpass your self.
    Perhaps the best blogger, my favorite for sure.
    Ps- Ray delivers!!

  21. says

    Great post Ray. You always give great information. Can always get a lot of value from your blog.

    Thank you


  22. says

    I so love this post! Now so many really don't think much about what special things that they will do once they have that magic amount of money. I know I was one of those. I know now much of my success has changed because I do have a clear picture. And its not just about paying the bills, but being a person of service in big ways to others.

  23. says

    I grew up in a church that taught that money is evil, and it has taken me years to change my mindset on that. You are so right. Money is only a magnifier of what we already are! It is my belief that we are all meant to be on a mission to change the world for the better, be it through helping others, donating to charity, or simply spending more time with our families, but only those who catch the vision of their own power to do so will ever create true wealth. I am working on my mindset every day. My WHY is big. I am determined to persevere, even as I write this comment at 2:43am CST.

    Thank you for being who you are, Ray. You inspire me to no end!


  24. says

    Ray- One thing I'm always thinking "what is your purpose here in this life?" & I finally found the answer, " to help myself & be able to help others to help themselves". Right after coming to this realization, I joined Pro Blog Academy", We have to have a purpose, then a plan. Thank you for a most excellent plan.

  25. Cyrus says

    Hi there Ray,
    I am Cyrus a refugee from Liberia but live in Ghana. I was going through the net at my work place. I was looking for how to attract money in your life, I will like to know if you can help me to do that ok.


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