To help You Focus on Building an MLM Business, Think of the Alternative

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To Help Build Your MLM Business, Think of the Alternative

Building MLM Business

Building an MLM Business is not easy. You will have ignorant people tell you it is not a real business, you will hear objections from friends and family and there are gonna be times where you want to throw in the towel. When faced with these times, thinking of the alternative to building an MLM business may help you.

So what if you just call it quits?

If you have been serious about building your MLM business enterprise in the past, calling it quits will do a few things:

1. Your friends and family will say they told you so.
2. You will most likely have to resort to giving up on some of the big dreams you had in your life.
3. You may have to decide that your job is the best you can do.
4. You might indirectly tell your kids that it is OK to quit.

What about the long term?

Take all the dreams and possibilities of network marketing out of your mind, what is left? For most people, it is working a job they cannot stand or simply not having much freedom or options. Notice that I did not talk about making money. There are plenty of people that make a lot of money that are miserable because of the method they chose to make money. If you ask a doctor, lawyer or business owner if they would trade what they do for a living with something that would just spit out residual income every month to them regardless of how much they worked that month, most would gladly swap.

Take what you are doing right now and ask yourself these questions:

– Do I want to be doing this in 20 years?
– Do I think my industry is getting easier or tougher?
– Will there be more competition with what I am doing in the future?
– Am I going to be able to spend the exact amount of time with my kids and loved ones as I would like?
– Do I have a way to help others that will help make me feel fulfilled?
– Is there another way, besides network marketing, that I can create a low risk residual income with the resources I currently have?

To help with Focus, Flip the Question

When considering how to spend your time, always consider the alternative to what if you do NOT do it. This can help brighten the reasons you are actually doing network marketing and if you clearly know your why, you will stick with this business a whole lot longer. By spending the last two years of my life building my MLM business, here are some of the things it has allowed me to do:

– Spend more time with my kids and family then ever before
– Travel all over
– Create enough residual income to cover all of my bills and a whole lot more
– Give more to charity than ever before
– Help train and empower others which thereby makes me feel good

I hope that the knowledge of the alternative to building your MLM businesses will help you see that you are on a great path that if you continue, can mean great things to you and a whole lot of other people.

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  1. Tony Fell says

    Hi Ray

    Sorry mate but what does, what was it, “kwit?”, oh sorry that was it, I remember now, “quit” forgive me mate, tore it out of my dictionary along with impossible and a few other examples of poor vocabulary years ago

  2. says

    Lol @ Tony Fell. This is an awesome post, Ray. I love the suggestion of thinking about the alternative before deciding to throw in the towel. There are 3 rules I learned early in my network marketing days. Those rules are:
    1. Pay attention
    2. Get excited
    3. Never quit.

    You lose if you quit. Thanks for sharing, my friend.

  3. says

    #1 is one of the biggest driving factors for me… hearing friends or family members say “I told you so” is unacceptable to me… I’ve got to make it happen (and I am)

  4. says

    Ray…great post. All great points you make and are very applicable to my situation. Another one that people need to consider is how secure right now is your JOB and your current means of making an income. More & more of the work today is being outsourced to China, Philippines, Mexico…

  5. Alyssa Yuchowitz says

    Ray, this blog completely hit home with me. I have to be honest, I’ve had some thoughts about quitting Numis in the past few months. All of the negativity mentioned in this blog (family objections, people not recognizing MLM as a “real business”, etc.) have dampenened my mindset too. However, I have climbed out of the “Wanna quit pit” and refocused on Numis. For all of the reasons mentioned, and for my why, I am sticking with Numis. I’m going to see it through and climb my way to the top. Thank you for your wonderful blogs!

  6. Carlos Ysasi says

    Great advice. Pretty much applies to many areas of life. I wonder why people don´t ask themselves these questions about their jobs and stick with the daily grind despite being unhappy.

    Starting any venture requires effort and commitment. There will be pitfalls along the way. These will teach us new lessons and encourage us to move foreward.

    Thinkng about the alternatives sure puts things in perspective.

  7. Mark Orloff says

    Great Advice! I have been in sales all of my life. I have looked at a lot of MLM’s since the mid 90’s and finally Numis Network comes along. I made Silver Eagle and 1 star in two weeks and looking forward to taking it to the next level. Thanks in advance for your help.

  8. says

    Awesome post Ray. When I start feeling down I just think of what the options are and it’s like I get a second wind to keep on working towards success in this industry.

  9. says


    Great post. Quitting is an option, but it’s not something I could live with.

    They say quitters never win and winners never quit. That is especially true in this industry.

    Great post here. Thanks for the info. And have a great day, man!


  10. says

    The alternative is much much worse! I can happily say, I’ve never had a real job, besides coaching jv volleyball at 23 for 4 months. I’ve been full time in this industry since 23, but I can remember working 60 hour weeks in the summer.

    After being exposed to this industry, and the options that the internet give someone, not doing this seems absolutely crazy!

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