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My Biggest Regret

Today I am sharing with you my biggest regret in my life in the hopes that it helps you in your life in some way.

Watch this short video and hope it inspires you to let go of something holding you back.

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My Audience and our Social Media Infographics

Today you will see my social media infographics for our very active Facebook page.

Feel free to click the image to see the full image.

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Fast MLM Leads with Offline Attraction Marketing

Wanna get fast MLM leads knocking at your door? In this post you will learn my offline attraction marketing secrets!

Watch this short video to learn more.

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The Best Travel Camera, Period.

We went on a hunt, to find the very best travel camera and we believe we have found it!

Watch this short video to learn what I used to travel with and what I travel with now!

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How to Stop Being Overwhelmed

Would you like to know how to stop being overwhelmed?

Watch this short video to learn how to crush overwhelm with ease!

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What is the Best MLM Prospecting Method?

Home meetings, three way calls, face to face..what IS the best MLM prospecting method?

Watch this short video for my answer and what you should REALLY be focusing on.

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Network Marketing Recruiting Tips for Those Struggling

Yesterday I spoke at the No Excuses Internet Marketing event in Vegas and today I am sharing with you two powerful network marketing recruiting tips.

Watch this short video to improve your network marketing recruiting!

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Work Life Balance Tips

Success is NOT just about how much you are making but also all the OTHER things in your life too.

Watch this short video with my best work life balance tips to help you create a great life!

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Simple, Part-Time 90 Day Plan for Network Marketing

Would you like help with a simple 90 day plan to grow your network marketing business?

Watch this short (and fun) video on help with a 90 day plan.

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What is Providence and Why is it Important?

This might be the most important blog post you can hear from me, it talks about what is providence and why is it important for your success.

Watch this short video to learn why some of the challenges and obstacles in your life may have been put there for a reason.

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