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Network Marketing Recruiting: Talking to Professionals

If you are serious about Network Marketing Recruiting, you might consider getting better at talking to professionals.

This short video will share some powerful network marketing recruiting tips for YOU!

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The Manipulation of YouTube #youtubefail

Youtube is currently being manipulated through a loophole in their flagging/restricting of videos policies and want you to be made aware of it.

It may not be safe long-term to use Youtube to build a personal brand anymore.

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My Problem with Youtube and Why I’m Leaving

Yeppers, there is a major problem with youtube and it is why her and I are breaking up.

Inside the below video I share our love/hate relationship and why I am choosing to leave due to a major problem with youtube practices.

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MLM Recruiting: 3 Unique Ways to Get More Signups

Want more results in your MLM recruiting efforts?

This short video shares three unique ways I have used to bring in more teammates that you can use today!

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MLM Tips: Calling Old Contacts and Leads

Ever wonder what to say to old contacts or old leads that you haven’t spoken to in a long time?

This short video will teach you EXACTLY what to say to old contacts or leads and it should make it a lot easier!

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The Biggest Obstacle for New Network Marketers

In this post I share the number one obstacle that crushes new network marketers.

Watch the short video to learn what that is and how to overcome it and create lasting success!

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Cold Market Prospecting at the Mall

Want more results or simply to learn cold market prospecting?

Watch this short video as I share EXACTLY how I used cold market prospecting to get someone’s information at the mall.

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Our First Ever Event in London, England

My wife and I are super excited to be doing our first ever event in London, England and YOU are invited!

Feel free to share this with any network marketers you may know in or around the London area.

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Our Trip to Mount Rushmore & South Dakota

This summer vacation we decided to do a trip to Mount Rushmore and throughout South Dakota.

Check out the fun video and all the cool stuff to do in South Dakota!

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My Favorite Part of Creating Success

Having a blast on our family vacation to South Dakota and wanted to shoot this quick video for you about creating success.

MOST people have been programmed to see creating success as some form of negative thing, learn how to overcome this in the below video.

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