7 Tips On How To Recruit MLM Heavy Hitters

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7 Tips On How To Recruit MLM Heavy Hitters

Want to get on the fast track to big money in MLM? Find and recruit heavy hitters! As the top income earner in my company, I can tell you that the ONLY reason I am in this position is because I have attracted and recruited mlm heavy hitters. This article will NOT discuss how to attract heavy hitters, which, I will be covering in a future blog post (if there is interest) but this article is on how to talk to them once you get them on the phone.

First of all, what do I consider an MLM heavy hitter? I consider an MLM heavy hitter as someone who has made at least $100,000 in any given year within the last 5 years. These are people that have possibly made over a million dollars total in network marketing and of course, anything above that. They are great to work with as you don’t have to have the usual conversations regarding being frustrated or if MLM is a pyramid, lol. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying to not talk to everyone about your MLM opportunity but if you can become a master at finding and recruiting mlm heavy hitters, your job is going to be a whole lot easier to get to the big money in mlm.

Tip #1 – Lose the Hype. MLM Heavy hitters are very used to being promising the world. They are used to people telling them anything they want to hear. People treat them like pieces of meat and they have been lied to and over-promised more than once. So, lose the hype. Be upfront about your opportunuty, what it is and what it isn’t and do not lie to them about ANY angle of your opportunity.

Tip #2 – Don’t Fall in Love. This is really for your own sanity. Don’t fall in love with the idea that just because you spoke to an mlm heavy hitter on the phone that they are going to sign up. A lot of them will not regardless of how well you did on the phone with them. Even when talking to hitters, mlm is still a numbers game.

Tip #3 – Don’t go at it alone. Whether you are the number one income earner or never sponsored a person in your life, get your upline on the phone when talking to a heavy hitter. This is critical for a few reasons. Number one it shows them you have some rapport with other leaders in the company and number two it shows that you have confidence to use someone else and you are not just trying to be a big shot. It also shows them that THEY can use other leaders as resources.

Tip #4 – Share with them your system for bringing people on and getting them started. Don’t confuse this. They usually do not need themselves but they are thinking about the people they bring in and is there an existing system their people can snap into thereby taking the load off of their shoulders.

Tip #5 – Tell them what you won’t do. Of course you are going to tell them what you do but also share with them what you don’t do. This shows confidence. An example is when I am talking to a heavy hitter I tell them that I cannot be outworked and that I will do 3 way calls, webinars, training, etc but what I won’t do is just call a list of people for them.

Tip #6 – Don’t be too pushy but don’t be afraid to use the takeaway. I would recommend not using every hard closing tactic up your sleeve but instead use the takeaway and show off your confidence. My classic line is: “If you are still doing your research, certainly, keep doing that, but if you know you want to get in, you might want to sign up sooner than later”. Then I build urgency by sharing with them that we have a big upcoming webinar or meeting and lots of people may be coming in that could fall under them. (refer to your companys compensation plan to see if that is the case, it is with mine)

Tip #7 – Get more leads. I see a lot of people that once they have had a heavy hitter look in their direction it is all they think and talk about. They see the winning lottery numbers showing up for them and they lose focus. This is similar to falling in love but this tip gives you some actionable advice to take away. You had a heavy hitter look at your opportunity? So what, go get more leads!

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  1. says

    I love it… the takeaway…. not falling in love… not getting attached to the outcome… and more blood LEADS. Nice one Ray

  2. says

    Awesome information, thanks Ray. Keep it coming, and yes, I am interested in your doing the future blog about attracting the heavy hitter in the first place.


  3. says

    I like how this article essentially turned in a checklist for MLM marketers when read in a different light. Going in the same order as your tips:

    #1) Make sure that your system is founded in solid business principles and not just emotional hype.

    #2) Make sure you don’t get yourself in a situation to where the future of your business is determined by one MLM heavy hitter saying “yes” or “no”

    #3) Make sure you have plenty of genuine references on hand that would be willing to vouch for you.

    #4) Have a creative, solid approach for bringing people in that in and of itself convinces people to hop on board.

    #5) Be sure to know the constraints of your system and to NOT venture into that area or claim that you will.

    #6) Be respectful to MLM heavy hitters, but don’t be a push around either. No one likes a suck up, no one likes a hard case, but an assertive person who knows how to adequately stick up for their system is someone you might want to do business with.

    #7) Don’t become so focused on the heavy hitters that you forget your foundation: Your followers.

    Great read Ray.

  4. Dr. Paul Zemella says

    Ray this advice about “heavy hitter” was helpful and gives me good direction, as I do know several and will now contact them with confidence and focus.
    Thank you for ALL

  5. says


    Awesome information. This shows why you are such a great leader. Thanks for the tips and advice.

    Have a blessed day!!! Karen

  6. says

    Ray, this was a very informative post! Love the coaching! See you at convention…we are the new phoenix girls! Hugs, Barbara

  7. says

    Absolutely Awesome, Your are a genius, in your article i see a few (Fine….more than a few) mistakes i have been making, hopefully that part of my strategy is over, Thank you Ray.

  8. says

    Hi Ray
    Excellent post thank you. I would love to read a future post on how to attract them if you are going to do one.

  9. says

    Ray, awesome post my friend. These are definitely some great tips that we can all take away and use for when we do have that “Heavy Hitter” ready to join our business.

    Thanks for posting this my friend.


  10. says


    You pump out more content then some quote on quote professional bloggers do! :)

    Keep it coming though. I always get a ton of value from your posts.

    … and from the looks of it, so does everyone else.

    Have a Stellar week!

    – Yo

  11. says

    Ray, great tip as always! It makes sense, just like not holding on to any prospect you may want to get into your business. Go onto the next qualified individual. You mention…heavy hitters in (MLM) would like to know more about attracting “Heavy Hitters” which I know plenty outside of MLM from my search business. Qualified Business People making over 100k plus? Thanks for the tip.
    Ernie Pitochelli

  12. says

    I believe you are so right about losing the hype! That is so important! I hate hype because it is not real!

    Believe in yourself!


  13. Todd C. says

    Great info, again! I see why you are the Top Income Earner for Numis.
    I am taking action on these words- today!
    Action and More Action = Success

  14. says

    These are all very great tips – which I completely agree with. But I do believe you missed one very important step. You must be a very strong leader yourself in order to attract and work with a strong leader. Strong leaders naturally associate with people who are either attracted to them because of who they are, or they are associating with people that they want to be around in order to keep improving themselves. You must believe that you are worth having a strong leader in your business, or using any of these tips won’t matter.

  15. says

    Hello! Someone in my Facebook group shared this website
    with us so I came to look it over. I’m definitely loving the information. I’m bookmarking and
    will be tweeting this to my followers! Terrific blog and brilliant design
    and style.

  16. says

    Hey! I know this is kinda off topic but I was wondering if you knew
    where I could get a captcha plugin for my comment form?
    I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having trouble
    finding one? Thanks a lot!


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